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MK Electric – the UK’s leading manufacturer of wiring devices and accessories – is delivering yet another first for the electrical specification sector, with the launch of its own app for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. It is designed to make full specification information accessible at all times. Installers and specifiers will now be able to access

literature such as the MK Specification Guide on the move, making hundreds of pages of detailed product information available on these popular mobile devices. The MK Electric App will enable users to locate

Megger Fast to use, light to carry and featuring a convenient internal database for results storage, portable appliance testers in Megger’s new professional range are available in versions optimised to suit the needs of all types of users who regularly carry out PAT testing. Key benefits of the new instruments include rapid start

up, instant restart after temporary disconnection when moving between test locations, and optional barcode support to aid rapid asset identification. Megger’s new professional PAT tester range comprises

three models: the PAT410, which is an ideal choice for use in office and IT environments; the PAT420, which is equally at home in commercial, industrial and construction environments; and the PAT450, which is optimised for use by service organisations and tool hire companies. The new testers offer both manual and automatic

operation. n


The Seaward Group, market-leading manufacturer of portable appliance testers, has upgraded and enhanced the range of test functions performed by its Supernova dual voltage PAT tester. The new Supernova Elite advanced tester is now

capable of testing RCD trip times alongside its existing flash/hi pot test and dual voltage testing capabilities. The unique range of tests incorporated in this

comprehensive test instrument means that all electrical safety tests can be carried out quickly and effectively on the complete range of workplace electrical equipment and appliances. The inclusion of the RCD test is in keeping with the

Riegens Lighting

Riegens Lighting has successfully adhered to a complicated brief to supply luminaires in keeping with the interior of the iconic Arts Tower in Sheffield. The remit for the new lighting specification required

a shallow constructed luminaire that not only had to complement the interior finish of the building, but also provide a good even light distribution for a variety of working tasks. Riegens Mirac was the favourite choice due to its

compact dimensions and excellent direct light output, plus the benefit of quick and easy installation. Available in two sizes, Mirac’s 600 version, using 3 x 24W and 3 x 14W T5 lamps, were the preferred choice. The Mirac range includes a variety of different options

from 2, 3 or 4 T5 lamps in wattages ranging from 14W to 58W.

n Winter 2010 ECA Today 69

latest IEE Code that when extension leads or multiway adaptors are fitted with an RCD, the operation of the RCD should be checked using a test instrument to determine that the trip time is within specified limits.


electrical wholesalers or stockists by GPS, by listing branches and their distance from the user in miles. It is easily downloaded via the iTunes App Store and is free. Updates will automatically be notified to users who can then accept the upgrade and download it via the App Store.



As from 1 December 2010, cable resins containing MDI have been re-classified as Carcinogen Category 3, suspected of causing cancer, and will carry new labelling to this effect. Subsequently, Prysmian is advising contractors and specifiers to adopt a ‘Substitute it Now (SIN)’ philosophy when it comes to choosing which resin products to use for jointing cables. This applies to the vast majority of cable jointing resins

on the market, except for Prysmian’s JEM resin solutions which are 100-per-cent MDI-free and present none of the health and safety risks associated with other resins containing hazardous chemicals. All Prysmian resin cable joint kits are now JEM resin only. Prysmian developed JEM (Joint Encapsulation

Material) technology more than 10 years ago. JEM resin is free from harmful isocyanate, causes no irritation or sensitising and independent testing determined that the material requires no hazardous labelling.



Along with Tridonic’s new branding and image comes a raft of revolutionary new products, including the new ballasts for exterior HID (High Intensity Discharge) applications. The PCIS Outdoor FOX B011 and PCIS Outdoor DIM B011 ballasts, when used with energy efficient HID lamps, offers an ideal solution for a wide range of applications such as amenity/street lighting where considerable energy savings can be achieved. HID lamps such as metal halide can also provide a brighter, white light that can significantly improve road safety, as well as making towns and cities more attractive. Via the digital interface, all the PCIS Outdoor FOX and

PCIS Outdoor DIM ballasts can be integrated in intelligent lighting control systems for exterior applications. Accident blackspots can be given more light, whilst the brightness can be reduced during low volumes of traffic.


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