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A highly responsive Delmatic lighting management system at Ickworth House in Suffolk incorporates a range of energy-saving features, as well as integration with the audiovisual system. The lighting management system has been specially

designed to provide precise control of both fluorescent and tungsten lighting. It comprises a combination of DALI bus-wire modules to provide dimming and monitoring of the fluorescent lighting, and switching and dimming modules to control the tungsten light sources. As the spaces within the building experience considerable variation in occupancy, the lighting control strategy includes occupancy detection so that lighting can be dimmed or switched off when spaces are unoccupied. These controls can be overridden with manual switches. This configuration also makes it easy to change the lighting configuration in the future via the Delmatic system should the usage of any spaces change.

n GreenBrook

GreenBrook is helping to ensure that social housing tenants in Oldham have safe, reliable power in their outbuildings after supplying IP66 weatherproof sockets and spurs as part of a ‘Decent Homes’ refurbishment project. Contractor Dransfield Electrical is carrying out a full

electrical refit of around 85 First Choice Homes properties in Oldham. All the properties have an outbuilding of around 2m2

that is separate from the main house and Dimplex

Dimplex Renewables has launched a new range of solar photovoltaic (PV) packages. Containing polycrystalline modules and everything required for installation, the kits offer a complete PV solution for residential and light commercial buildings, providing clean, locally-generated energy and reducing carbon emissions. The kits contain everything that’s needed to install and

connect the modules, including G83 approved inverter, roof mounting system, cabling, isolators and generation meter. The hardware is MCS-accredited, so the kits are eligible for the feed-in tariffs when properly installed by an MCS-accredited installer. Designed for both new build and retrofit projects, the

packs feature low profile roof mounts – protruding less than 200mm above the roof. This means the installed systems are classed as permitted development in England and Scotland, and do not require planning permission in non-conservation areas.

n Jung

A Jung lighting control system has given a Lancashire manufacturing company the wow factor it needs to showcase its products to prospective clients, thanks to a KNX installation. Based in Chorley, Warlmsley manufactures machinery

for box making and other paper and card products. The company was keen to create an exhibition feel in its boardroom to showcase its products to prospective clients as part of an office upgrade. The manufacturer installed a Jung KNX lighting control system to offer dimming and scene setting. The new lighting control system allows Warlmsley to

control feature lighting to highlight sample products and dim the lights for presentations. Meanwhile, presence detectors in the open plan office areas ensure that the system is also energy-efficient.

n Legrand

Legrand makes 17th Edition upgrades easy, thanks to Electrak’s Rotasoc. The desk module system enables users to upgrade installations to comply with the 17th Edition wiring regulations quickly and cost-effectively. The fully modular under-desk unit, which features

unique 360 degree rotatable sockets, is designed to allow for rapid configuration and changes or relocation of workstations. And, as with its power, data and telecom modules, the RCD and RCBO protection modules simply lock into place, delivering immediate 17th Edition compliance.

n Marshall-Tufflex

The development of what will be one of the most technologically advanced broadcasting centres in the world includes a bespoke and highly innovative power distribution system from specialist supplier Marshall- Tufflex. The bespoke solution for the BBC in London –

designed and pre-fabricated at Marshall-Tufflex’s manufacturing base in Sussex – centres on its revolutionary MT32 power distribution system, a fast- track plug-and-play power connection method that has eliminated hard-wiring on site at the BBC and permitted much faster installation times for electrical contracting services company Phoenix Electrical. Designed by Marshall-Tufflex, the modular power distribution system is delivered to site in cable management ‘bays’, complete with pre-wired cable sets marked with circuitry and ready to feed into distribution boards. It follows the manufacturer’s development of a bespoke modular power distribution system, installed during the modernisation and digital upgrade of Broadcasting House.


used as storage or utility space. For these buildings, IP65/6 sockets and spurs were specified and Dransfield Electrical turned to Edmundson’s in Oldham to supply GreenBrook PowerX IP66 weatherproof twin-switched sockets and spur units. GreenBrook’s PowerX IP66 range includes a total of

11 products, including sockets, spurs, RCDs, timers and switches. The PowerX range is suitable for use in rain, snow and water spray and the units are UV protected, too.



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