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ight in the middle of the winter, it may seem strange to be thinking about solar power, but in the light of the government’s

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Winter 2010 ECA Today 3

Comprehensive Spending Review, and its stated commitment to FITs and the CRC scheme, it may be an appropriate time for some ECA members to start thinking about future opportunities for growth – both via headline-grabbing renewables and though more low-key, but still effective, energy efficiency solutions. While the Comprehensive Spending Review didn’t

exactly cheer the industry with glad tidings, some messages from government are at least starting to become clearer. The UK’s carbon reduction targets over the coming years may be daunting, but they offer opportunities for the electrical industry to capitalise on the necessary upgrading and refurbishment work that needs to be done to achieve those targets. And members of the ECA are the people with

precisely the knowledge and skills to help achieve these goals. While no one pretends that recovery won’t be anything but challenging, evidence, such as the recent IGT report into how the construction industry can meet the low carbon agenda (see News, p6), is encouraging for the sector, and helps clarify the sustainability message for government. Being heard by government through the building of

relationships and dialogue is, of course, crucial. In this issue of ECA Today, we’ve managed to get some

in-depth answers from business and enterprise minister Mark Prisk MP to key questions about the future of the electrical contracting industry, and other issues important to members.

Opportunities We also take a look at areas where carbon reduction can genuinely benefit members. We look not only at opportunities for ECA members to take advantage of the boom in renewables resulting from FITs, but also at the opportunities for ECA members’ businesses from increasing clients’ energy efficiency, through applying existing expertise and using new technologies to reduce CO2

at the same time. With much going on in the industry over recent

months, we also have updates on the impact on ECA members’ work of the latest changes to Part L of the Building Regulations, and an assessment of recent developments in pre-qualification requirements. There’s plenty more for readers, too, from one of

the most environmentally friendly hotel development projects in the UK, to new technologies, plus all our regular features. Finally, season’s greetings to all our readers; enjoy the snow – and the sunshine.

Phil Lattimore Editor

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