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meeting our duty of care”, says Frank Briganti. EMAL is keen to set new standards for employee welfare. “Our aim here is to ensure that every worker is valued, respected and supported wherever they have come from and for however long they stay with us.” Managing such a large, diverse and transient workforce inevitably brings challenges. Yet one goal shared by everyone at EMAL since day one has been to maintain a workplace culture where health and safety is paramount and where work practices are in line with the world’s best. “One of our five core values is ‘safety first, last and always’ so we began introducing an integrated system of health and safety policies, procedures and structures from the day construction started”, Frank adds.

Evolving needs

Back in November 2007, the company asked International SOS to provide international-standard emergency medical services for workers during construction of the smelter and into its operational phase. “Through our technology and processes we have been able to design out as many risks and hazards as possible both from an environmental and health and safety viewpoint. So the actual need for emergency medical services has been minimal”, explains Frank Briganti. “We’re very proud of the very high standards of safety performance we have achieved.”

core values is ‘safety first, last and always’

“ One of our five

EMAL’s onsite clinic managed by International SOS

International SOS visitors at the EMAL site

class technology to produce the highest-quality product most efficiently. And of course our prime corporate responsibility is the health and safety of our workforce. So our standards for looking after the well- being of our employees are also world-class.”

Safety first, last and always One of the largest industrial projects in the United Arab Emirates outside the oil and gas sector, EMAL has employed over 18,000 construction workers and engineers, many from different countries around the globe. “We’re making a major contribution to employment in the region, both by developing the skills of nationals and by attracting workers from abroad. We’re also setting best-practice standards for

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