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SLIPPERS One man’s slipper is another’s “recovery footwear”

Start a discussion about slippers and you might find it develops into a lengthy debate. Slippers evoke strong opinions – people either love or hate them – love the comfort and warmth a faithful pair can bring or loath the thought of looking ‘mumsey’. From monogrammed velvet to novelty cartoon characters, slippers are always a talking point – tasteful or otherwise.


adders’ slippers are no exception – a large selection of styles, fabrics and colours ensure there is something for everyone from the seasoned slipper wearer through to the person who needs an indoor shoe but doesn’t want it to look like one.

The huge diversity of the slipper or house shoe suggests that anything

goes but one thing they all have in common is how they make you feel - slippers have the capacity to make you feel warm, relaxed, cosy and safe - that you’re home. Increasingly however, the market demands more from the humble slipper and Padders have risen to the challenge with their innovative ideas. Working from the top down – uppers are made from hand washable, warm

fabrics while supportive heel counters and touch and close adjustment ensure slippers are stable and stay on the foot. Super soft Memory Foam insoles mould to the foot, helping to eliminate painful pressure points and a Permalose®PAM treatment helps prevents bacterial and fungal growth, giving a fresh, hygienic and stain free environment. Lastly, the lightweight yet durable outsole is vanilla fragranced ensuring the Padders’ slipper experience is a feel good one. This slipper/shoe hybrid is perfect for all sorts of activities, from apres-ski

to lounging around the house. A Sherpa lined footbed offers cosiness for cold winter days. You can wear the Exhale as a proper shoe or fold down the heel panel for slip-on comfort. The mouldable design means that the whole of your foot is supported. The arch height adjusts to your required level, but does not flatten out. The forefoot takes the shape of the balls of your feet and toes, while the deep heel cup supports your heel providing lateral stability and neutral alignment. This creates 100% contact across the soles of your feet, to ensure even weight distribution and allowing your foot to naturally shock absorb.

The woman’s Exhale comes in Jet Black, Java, Lithium or Plum,

sizes 3 – 7 and the men’s Exhale comes in Jet Black, Java, Onyx Plaid or Burnt Orange, sizes 7 – 12 , priced £55

“The name Exhale, perfectly sums up the slow Padders Slippers Women’s & Men’s

Recovery Footwear Then, there are shoes that can be worn inside and outside the house – but

does that make them slippers? The word ‘slipper' is recorded in the English language as far back as 1478, deriving from the much older verb ‘to slip', the notion being that footwear is "slipped" onto the foot. But, arguably, one would need to own two pairs in order to keep the carpet clean! However, the manufacturers of the SOLE Exhale claim their new hybrid shoe can be worn inside and out, a brand new type of footwear they describe as “recovery”. No two feet are the same, so what could be a perfect fit for your left foot might be wrong for the right. SOLE know about feet which is why the Exhale is wear mouldable to the shape of your unique foot, offering unparalleled comfort and support.

release of breath when sinking one’s feet into these sumptuous shoe/slippers. Having tried this brand of “recovery” footwear from Sole, I can testify that it offers a high level of comfort and support. The Exhale is also lightweight – the women’s size 5 weighs just over 400g – it has the warmth and support of a traditional winter shoe and yet is cosy and comfortable enough to wear inside the house. It is water-resistant and there is an antibacterial Polygiene coating inside to help combat foot odour My teenage son (who loves doing absolutely nothing,


but rarely gets the chance) cast an envious eye over my Exhale’s. He dubbed them "cool", a reflection on their design, rather than a remark about how warm they will keep my feet this winter! Now, he has a pair of his own, and they rarely leave his feet, so much so that I am considering getting him another pair to wear outside the house (to save the carpet!)” Cheryl Taylor, Editor


Women's Exhale-plum from SOLE

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