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Park Tribute

Any change of use will always take at least two years because of planning consent. Mind you, with the help of our planning consultant, Nick Laister of RPS, we have already obtained the most flexible local development plan of any park within the UK. In 600-acres we are allowed to build practically anything within reason, as long as it promotes Loudoun Castle as a tourist destination. We are allowed to build up to 300 log cabins, retail, hotels and even residential

developments. If it hadn't been for the drama that happened three years ago, when really my heart went out of it, we probably would have gone ahead with log cabins already. However, I always had my doubts about how well a holiday park would work combined with the amusement park here. I felt that for Loudoun you probably would have had a better feeling if you didn't have the rides and it was just the castle with first class accommodation, a completely different environment.

It's been hard, for us and for the staff, but I am pleased that we have taken this decision and can look ahead to a fresh future - without rides - in a beautiful part of the country that it's a pleasure to call home.

Henk Bembon was talking to Owen Ralph

CAPRIOLO 10 BY MONDIAL Products and sevices for parks and attractions

Mondial recently unveiled a 10-seater version of its Capriolo extreme pendulum ride. The attraction boasts not only added capacity compared to the standard eight- seater version but also additional horizontal rotation between the main arm and the passenger gondola. The result is a highly disorientating ride experience. As the main arm swings back and forth, it moves higher and faster with each swing, eventually turning through 360 degrees and freefalling from 50-metres in

height. By releasing the gondola brake, the ride operator allows it to flip and roll over. At the next stage of the ride, the operator can turn on the gondola rotation, letting it rotate horizontally around the axis of the arm. An automatic ride program is also provided. To add to the experience, a propeller mounted

above the gondola creates a sensational sound effect for passengers and spectators as its flies past at high speed. The first version of the ride is currently travelling in

France. A double, 20-seater, version is also available for parks VOLARE BY EOS RIDES

This eye-catching new attraction by EOS Rides in Italy occupies a 10 x 3 metre footprint and travels up to 7.5- metres high. Unveiled for the first time at Euro Attractions Show in Rome, two units have been sold already, one to Sweden and one to Turkey. Based in Treviso, EOS specialises in Ghost Trains, Fun Houses and family coasters.


Imagine looking towards the sky at your park and seeing a shooting star. That’s the effect Maurer Söhne is hoping for with its new Fire Wheels. High performance LEDs inside the wheels will blur and change colour as they move faster, creating a spectacular moving light show for those parks that operate after dark. Operating on a dynamo, they require no external power source. Fire Wheels are currently available on Maurer’s X-Car ride vehicles although there are plans to offer them across the company’s full range of coaster cars in future. The first wheels will go into use next spring on the new Freischütz ride at Bayern Park in Germany. In the meantime, look for them in action on YouTube.



The Barnstormer, added at Loudoun Castle in 2007


Lo-Q has introduced Q-credits, a new virtual queuing system for waterparks that allows users to pay without having to handle money directly. Guests wear a lightweight, waterproof wristband that is simple to use and starts to clock up credits the minute they enter the park. These credits can be redeemed for fast track access to any ride or attraction. MONTH YEAR WINTER

READING! New amusement park books and DVDs now reviewed at See our Ride Guide book special and sort out your winter reading!

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