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still some important leads were there. Many large park operators stopped by and were amazed by our King Cobra."

"I've been attending WWA since this start 30 years ago," smiled Frank Aragona of Zoom Flume Waterpark, East Durham, New York. "This will be my last year and I expect to be recognised. My son is taking over the business; I'm retiring. We come to see what's new, network and talk to people I've known for 30 years." "I'm here for the education sessions," revealed Sundae Hein of Killeen Parks and Recreation in Texas. "This is the first year our waterpark has been open and we're looking for insight." "We like to keep up on what's happening in the industry, for both our consulting company and our park," admitted John Turberville, Waterville USA (Alabama). "At this particular show we did a presentation on risk management, how it affects the bottom line, and how it relates to your insurance."

Quality Leads "It's been a good show," acknowledged Geoff Chutter of WhiteWater West, "primarily because of the eight new products we introduced this year. The Abyss is the largest funnel slide. Our Megatube series inclues the Viper, to be installed in NRH2O Waterpark in Texas. The Python goes to Amazon Falls in Thailand, the Rattler to Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, and the Constrictor to Wet 'n' Wild, Phoenix, Arizona. Our Flume-in-Flume is being installed in Bali Waterpark, China. The Anaconda and Mamba slides will got to parks to be announced." "The show has been pretty good for us," agreed Kenny Handler of Profitable Food Facilities. "The quality of the leads are stronger this year than in the past. There seems to be a more positive atmosphere." "People have had a good summer and the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well,” admitted Rick Hunter of ProSlide Technologies. “There are some quality buyers here. Even with the tough economy, people want to get back into things and add an attraction."


"The show has been very good," confirms Scott Snyder of tube supplier Zebec. " We recently purchased one of our competitors, Talburt Associates. Pat and Ester Talburt were here at the show, which gave us a chance to meet with their customers. Seems like most of the people we've talked to are very serious. And we like San Antonio; it's been a good draw. "

The WWA has confirmed that its 31st Symposium &

Trade Show will take place from October 3 to 7 next year in New Orleans, a popular choice thanks to the city’s eclectic mix of history, food and music. Ahead of this, a Middle East symposium is planned in Dubai on April 3 and 3, in conjunction with the DEAL trade show.

WWA delegates enjoy a drink at the Kick-Off Reception (ALL IMAGES TAKEN AT THE KICK-OFF RECEPTION)

Left to right: Mary Jane Brewer, PARC Management; Chris Perry, Wild Wadi (Dubai); and Andy Maurek, Hyland Hills Water World

Kari Tjader and Brenda Ann Ludli, Sage Hospitality Resources; Ian Kanski, Cultus Lake Waterpark; Kristie Moses, Sage Hospitality; Adam Page, Lost Paradise of Dilmun (Bahrain); Tiffany Woodward, Wave Development; Jon Mulder, Cultus Lake; and Nicole Slemin, Country Springs Hotel/Waterpark

Tracy Sarris, Comfy Edutainment Centers seen here with Ilya Girlya from Sahara Sam's Oasis; Clay Finney of Lafayette Parks & Recreation; Judith Josephs, Josephs Enterprises; Terri Trimmer, Water Technology; and Frank Seninsky, Amusement Entertainment Management

Tara Casey and Frank Good of ProSlide Technologies with Sherri Nicholason, Scott Nicholson and Pat Mandri of Roaring Springs Waterpark

Kristin Turcotte, WhiteWater West; Todd Reade, West Edmonton Mall; Ken Goski, Gold Leaf Carriers; and Geoff Chutter, WhiteWater West


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