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guests whenever physically possible. This employee must calm the patrons and be able to provide any necessary emergency medical attention until professional assistance arrives.

Where evacuation is necessary, those persons within your park most familiar with the ride and capable of

professionally dealing with the evacuation should implement the evacuation procedure. Catwalks familiar to mechanics, who traverse them daily to perform maintenance and inspections, are foreign to ride operators. Clearly, putting an employee in an unfamiliar position of climbing those catwalks must be avoided. In establishing your evacuation procedures, keep in mind that they should account for the emotional distress of children, adults, or both. Always evacuate any patron in emotional distress first, as they can cause further danger to themself or other stranded passengers if left in the situation. Next, or if all of the stranded patrons are calm, consider whether there are children involved. If there are two adults with a child, evacuate one adult, leaving the other with the child. Next, evacuate the child, followed by the final adult. This ensures the child is always with an adult. If only children are involved, start with the youngest child and make every effort to have that child greeted by a parent or guardian once evacuated. Where only children are stranded, have any employee remain with them, again whenever physically possible, to comfort them and keep them calm. Finally, whenever a ride shuts down and patrons are stranded, for any period of time over five to 10 minutes, whether or not an evacuation takes place, complete incident reports to document what occurred. Although lawsuits may not be filed, it is always best to have documented what happened, how the patron(s) reacted at the time of the incident, and what efforts were made to remedy the situation (for example. offering free passes for a future visit).

Heather Eichenbaum is a member with Spector Gadon & Rosen PC, practicing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. As well as defending amusement venues, she also provides training on employment issues, safety, witness testimony and compliance with disability laws. Legal counsel to, and a board member of, NAARSO, she is also a member of the NJAA, IAAPA, OABA, IISF, Defense Research Institute and various bar and trial lawyer associations in the United States Should you need legal assistance, reach her at: +1 215-241-8856, or e-mail:


IAAPA elects third vice-chair

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) has elected Mario O Mamon from the Philippines as its new third vice- chairman. Mamon is the first park owner from Asia to be appointed to the position.

The chairman and president of Enchanted Kingdom will assume the role at IAAPA Attractions Expo this November. He will then move through the positions of third, second and first vice-chairman before leading the association in 2014. In the meantime, Bob Rippy of Jungle Rapids will replace Chip Cleary of Palace Entertainment as IAAPA chairman this November, followed by new first vice- chairman Roland Mack (Europa-Park) and second vice-chairman Will Morey (Morey’s Piers). Mamon has been involved in the attractions industry since 1992 when he organised, conceptualised and managed the construction of

Charlie Bray resigns

IAAPA has revealed that Charlie Bray has resigned as its president and CEO and will leave the association on December 3.

Bray is departing for an “exceptional opportunity” in the Washington DC area. The IAAPA executive committee will lead the search process for his replacement soon. “The association has realised its goal of operating globally; we now have offices in Europe, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region,” notes chairman Chip Cleary. “We could not have done this without Charlie’s vision and guidance.”

Charlie Bray

The Giant Slide at Morey's Surfside Pier, North Wildwood, New Jersey, is no more.

Bray was also instrumental in negotiating the agreements to host IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando for the next 10 years. Hired as the association’s chief financial officer in June 2004, he was appointed president and CEO in February 2006. Prior to joining IAAPA, he served with consultants RSM McGladrey. Bray began his career with Arthur Andersen, spent five years with American University and 17 years with the Food Marketing Institute. He also served as president of the International Association of Food Industry Suppliers (IAFIS) and the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA).

It was 42 years ago, in the autumn/fall of 1968, that brothers Bill and Will Morey spotted a giant 12- lane fibreglass slide operating near a shopping centre in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Inspired by what they saw, the brothers purchased a similar ride, called the Wipe Out, and so began a life long passion in the amusement business (previously they were in construction). Through an online lottery, 200 lucky riders had a

“last chance” to slide down the Wipe Out on October 10. Orders were then taken for a memorial piece of the slide for $50 each, with proceeds being donated to IAAPA's archive preservation fund.

Wood Design at Plopsa

Apologies to Dutch carousel company Wood Design for inadvertently crediting two of its rides at the new Plopsa Indoor park in Coevorden, the Netherlands, to another manufacturer (Park World, October 2010). Both the Slingermolen (Wave Swinger) and double deck carousel were supplied by Wood Design, and we are happy to put this right with a shot of Slingermolen in action. NOVEMBER 2010

the Enchanted Kingdom, which is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary.

“Mario has been an industry leader and a dedicated IAAPA volunteer for many years,” notes Mats Wedin, chairman of the IAAPA nominating committee and president and CEO of Liseberg in Sweden. “We were very impressed with Mario’s background and experience. He understands the issues and opportunities that are important to IAAPA and to the global attractions industry and has first-hand experience in the industry’s fastest-growing region, Asia-Pacific. We know he will play a key role in moving the association forward in the years ahead.”

Mario O Mamon Sliding into history

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