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Park News

Zierer busy

The German manufacturer Zierer has over 10 rides and attractions under manufacture or due for delivery in 2011. A Force Two family coaster is earmarked for a park in France, and a Force 190 junior coaster for Freizeitpark Plohn in Germany. Travelling at up to 41km/h, the

latter will feature a 16-seat train with seahorse and shell-shaped cars also feature the park’s “Plohni” mascot. Port Aventura in Spain is getting a 9-car Jet Ski ride, an apple tree-themed Wave Swinger is going to Austria, two unidentified rides will be delivered to Paultons Park in England, and a further four to Legoland Malaysia. Finally, fair-goers in the UK can brave themselves for the appearance of a new Star Shape ride, which will travel the country under the banner of Danter Attractions. Standing approximately 30-metres tall, it will feature six 5-seat flipping gondolas and a “tribal tattoo” theme.

KMG XLR8 A sketch of the Star Shape destined for the UK

New from Heimo

The increasing scope of work offered by Heimo was highlighted by a number of new ideas presented to potential clients at last month’s Euro Attractions Show in Rome.

Themed Speed Ride Vehicle, or TSTR, is a solution for park operators looking for an exciting transport system. Taking Disney’s Test Track as its inspiration, the ride would offer passengers rapid acceleration, drifting sensations, hills and dips during their ride. Suggested themed include “Rush Hour” and a cartoon taxi. Heimo has yet to confirm a partner as ride manufacturer.

Heimo is also offering its theming skills for a new ride called Kids Adventure Journey. The concept is a response to the fact that, “many parks have forgotten an important target group: kids from two to nine years.” Travelling in a Jeep, or various other ride vehicles, children set off on a ride through

Freizeitpark Plohn’s new coaster

various themed scenes, while all the time within view of their parents watching from the sidelines. The V Loaded Shooting Gallery is Heimo’s attempt to spice up a classic attraction with new target technology and added theming. A mix of interactive video screens and live animatronics, the also gallery also features a “host” who encourages players during the game. A western themed shooting gallery is due to be delivered soon. A pirate theme is also available, amongst others. Heimo is also marketing a number of interactive dark ride concepts under the €2 million mark.

Everything about KMG’S new ride concept is compact – the name, the set-up and the price. Passengers on XLR8 (Accelerate) will experience high speed coupled with fast acceleration and deceleration, with speeds of up to 70km/h controllable by the ride operator. The attraction’s eight two-seater suspended cars flip from side to side during the ride, as the arms turn around the centre. The entire ride can come to a stop in just half a circuit. “The extreme acceleration will give the passengers the feeling as if they are being launched or getting a ‘kick in the back’,” says KMG salesman Peter Theunisz. “Deceleration will give the riders the opposite effect!” Constructed on one semi-trailer, the travelling ride will feature a self-supporting folding platform and require an assembly time of just one-and-a-half hours. Designed for economically-challenged times, the attraction boasts a low purchase price, although a number of add-ons are available as extras. XLR8 was officially unveiled to KMG customers at Euro Attractions Show in Rome at the beginning of October. Following enquiries from Scandinavia, the UK and the Netherlands, the first ride will be delivered in late August/early September 2011.

A sketch of the new ride A Kids Adventure Journey concept drawing

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