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[ Update: Certifi cation and reports ]

Certifi cation made clear

Clearing up some of the misunderstanding about BS 7671:2008 (17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations) certifi cation and reporting, the ECA’s technical team explains what’s required – and how to get all you need free from the ECA


lectrical contractors work in one of the most regulated and standardised operating environments within the building services engineering sector, and it can come as no surprise that clients in particular are

often confused by the various certifi cation and reporting requirements. Some organisations have capitalised on this, and it is not uncommon to fi nd the ‘branded’ certifi cates of certain organisations exclusively specified in tender documentation. Unfortunately, this has often led to some contractors

feeling obliged, or indeed pressurised, into registering with certain organisations, to ensure that they issue certifi cation with the right ‘badge’. The fact of the matter is, using the right certifi cate and reporting paperwork, as specifi ed within the respective British Standard, is critical, while the ‘badge’ is irrelevant.

It’s a cert For example, BS 7671:2008 (IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition) was issued in January 2008 and installations (including additions and alterations to existing installations) designed from 1 July 2008 must comply with the new standard. Included in Appendix 6 of BS 7671:2008 are model forms for certifi cation and reporting. Certifi cation issued for installations, or additions and alterations designed after 1 July 2008 should be compatible with the latest model forms. Driven to improve the environment in which our

About the author

Giuliano Digilio Giuliano Digilio is the head of ECA Technical Services. He has extensive experience in the electrical and electronic engineering building services industry, and sits on numerous technical committees for the ECA in the UK and Europe.

registered members operate, dispelling the myth about badged certifi cates for client groups remains a key issue for the ECA. The ECA’s regional management team, supported by the technical team, has worked tirelessly over the last two years to ensure that clients gain an understanding of certifi cation and reporting. As a direct result of these efforts, a number of

organisations, including the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and the British Institute of Facilities Managers (BIFM), now recognise the importance of working closely with the ECA and have joined its ‘Partners in Excellence’ scheme. Numerous

regional events, supported by the ECA’s technical team, have also been organised to educate client groups.

Clarity and support Although the technical team continues to fi eld questions from clients about certifi cation and reporting – from what type of certifi cate or report should be issued following the completion of electrical installation work, to how the certifi cates should be completed – the response regarding branded certifi cates is increasingly positive. Of course the ECA is, fi rst and foremost, a membership

organisation, so in addition to the guidance offered to client groups the Association provides certifi cation and reporting products to support its members. Registered members can purchase a wide range of

certifi cates and report forms directly from the ECA website. All now include a carbonless copy to be retained by the contractor, the top copy being given to the client. The model forms in Appendix 6 of BS 7671:2008 can be downloaded from the IET website. Pre-printed certifi cates can be completed by hand or, to

provide a more professional image, registered members are reminded that as part of their ECA membership they can access and complete, free of charge, a range of downloadable certifi cates and reports for electrical installation work from the ECA website, including::

■ BS 7671:2008 Electrical Installation certifi cates. ■ BS 5266-1:2005 Emergency Lighting certifi cates. ■ BS 5839-1:2002 Fire Detection & Alarm certifi cates.

■ BS 5839-6:2004 Fire Detection & Alarm certifi cates for dwellings.

In addition, the ECA brochure Completing Paperwork for Certifi cation, Inspection & Testing of Electrical Installations to BS 7671:2008 provides comprehensive guidance on when and how the BS 7671:2008 certifi cates, report forms and associated stationery should typically be used. It includes illustrations of the paperwork and information on some of the requirements of BS 7671:2008 regarding periodic inspection, testing and reporting. For any queries relating to certifi cation and reporting,

please contact the ECA’s technical team on 0207 313 4826 or 020 7313 4928. The brochure ‘Completing Paperwork for Certifi cation, Inspection & Testing of Electrical Installations to BS 7671:2008’ is available to download from the ECA website at By logging into the site’s members’ area, registered members can also purchase or complete their certifi cates online.

The fact of the matter is, using the right certifi cate and reporting paperwork is critical, while the ‘badge’ is irrelevant

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