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ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Joined-up thinking is the key to success

As a leading innovator in interconnection and automation technology, WAGO believes that its integrated approach to modular wiring systems and intelligent control for buildings offers unique benefits to contractors and system integrators.

There is no doubt that the growth of pre-fabricated modular wiring systems, constructed off site and delivered as required on a ‘just in time’ basis, has provided important operational and economic benefits for all types of building projects. It means a dramatic reduction in installation time, less storage requirement of materials and more consistent quality – all of which deliver a major boost to productivity as well as ensuring ‘cost certainty’.

Although a number of manufacturers have developed products for this growing market, one company has led the way. Inventor of the world-renowned Cage Clamp®

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connection concept, WAGO is a world leader in the design

and manufacture of advanced interconnection technology products and systems. The company also has a proven reputation for working closely with contractors, system integrators and clients to ensure the most successful outcomes are achieved. It has been a prime mover in the development of modular wiring systems for buildings. Its mould breaking WINSTA®


plug-and-play connectors reduce wiring time by up to 70% compared to conventional methods. They are widely used throughout Europe and the UK for power, lighting and control applications in both fixed and temporary electrical installations and are ideal for ceiling, under floor and trunking systems. WAGO also broke new ground with its introduction of the world’s first fieldbus- independent modular I/O system and has since taken the lead in developing a range of intelligent control systems for building automation.

WAGO is the only company in the field able to offer such a fully integrated system for buildings

enables integration of separate lighting, heating and ventilation functions in different parts of the building. WAGO also offers a range of gateway levels for EnOcean, DALI, KNX and MP-Bus. In addition the company’s engineering team can prepare detailed, bespoke layout drawings showing the integration of WAGO solutions – comprising WINSTA®

lead assemblies,

distribution boxes and other associated components within the architecture of end user schemes. WAGO’s Managing Director Gordon Smith commented: “We are the only company in the field able to provide such a fully integrated system for building

These can unite interacting activities for designers, managers and installers. Specialist protocols for building automation include LONWORKS, KNX, BACnet and MODBUS TCP/IP at network level plus the standard industrial fieldbus protocols which can also be utilised depending on the application. This

services. In addition to our modular pre-wired assemblies, we also offer a wide range of decentralised controllers and distribution boxes - which means that the amount of modular wiring can actually be reduced whilst allowing a greater degree of local control. For example, if a floor changes use – say into 3 new separate areas – our ETHERNET based area controllers within the floor can make the necessary modification easily. This is a major advantage, particularly in view of the increasing ‘churn’ factor where buildings are changing occupancy and usage far more rapidly.” WAGO building and control systems are suitable for use in fairly small installations as well as in major projects such as hospitals, schools, offices, retail outlets, hotels and leisure facilities. They can also be used in new builds, upgrades and extensions. Decentralised control means there is considerable flexibility and, in retrofits for example, individual floors can be completed and operational while other parts of the building can be finished

and linked at a later stage. The main thrust of the company’s integrated- system approach is to make installation easier and to help provide ‘cost certainty’, whatever the project. Floor plans are provided showing distribution boxes with WINSTA® snap-in connector points enabling a semi- skilled operative to install the fully tested, pre- assembled units on a plug-and-play basis. Everything is pre-assembled and pre-tested off site and delivered only when required. Gordon Smith concludes: “We have always been more than just a component provider. We believe we are the only market player able to provide a choice of pre-wired plug-and-play units, smart controllers or any combination of the two to meet specific requirements. Innovation has been the driving force behind WAGO’s development and we are already working on the next generation of products which, hopefully, will provide contractors and our system integrator partners with an important competitive edge.“

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