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JCB submersibles line-up

Powered by its own range of hydraulic power packs, JCB’s range of submersible pumps includes two clear water models and three trash pumps designed to pump water containing mud, twigs, sand, sludge or sewage.

The clear water pumps are flow-matched

to different hydraulic power packs. With a high power-to-weight ratio they are capable of pumping solids in suspension up to 8mm diameter and have outputs of 700 and 820 litres/minute, with head heights up to 18m. The mechanism is self-priming and can run dry with no risk of damage to the pump, and the bodies are manufactured from aluminium for lightness and corrosion resistance. Available in hydraulic flow ranges of 20, 30 or 40 litres, the trash pumps can handle solids of up to 25mm in size and have output flows up to 3000 litres per minute. A removable wear plate protects the pump housing.

0800 581 761 Swing into action with Western

When clean-up operations swing into action after flooding, products such as pressure washers and water bowsers are in demand to clear debris from roadways, paths, drains, and the like. Western can supply 110, 250 and 440-gallon bowsers, available on site or highway chassis. The pressure washing equipment can be petrol or diesel powered, and 8 or 15m hose lengths are available, with lances.

When water supplies may have been contaminated

there will be a requirement for drinking water, and Western Highway bowsers can be supplied to the appropriate Regulation 31 specification. A hot washer is also available, with a steam cleaning probe option.

For re-fuelling of heaters, generators and small plant,

Western offers its Easycube wheeled bunded diesel tank. The 105-litre ‘wheelie bin’ style unit has a steel outer skin and is a two-wheeled IBC (intermediate bulk container). It is transport-approved and environmentally compliant for the safe and efficient carriage and storage of diesel fuel.

01454 227277

Selwood’s rapid response

Selwood’s D150R is a lightweight 150mm rapid response pump. Weighing under 1200kg, it is light enough to be towed by a car and is based on the manufacturer’s popular standard D150. It can be quickly deployed to deal with flooding, urgent pipeline maintenance and other emergency applications.

A hinged canopy and gull-wing doors allow easy access to both the pump end and engine, and this also gives a high degree of silencing. The unit has Selwood’s self-priming system utilising a water- tolerant diaphragm air pump, which is designed to do away with problems of oil vapour emissions and oil emulsification that can be associated with other priming systems.

023 8026 6311

Specialist IT solutions for the rental industry

“inspHire made the of our company possible”

expansion Dave Fish, Rental Manager - IDE Systems 31 “

Without the improved efficiencies delivered by inspHire we wouldn’t be able to operate at the capacity we do now and we couldn’t have opened our London location this year. inspHire offers everything our business needs to operate extremely successfully”

Whatever the size of your business, inspHire provide hire management software solutions that will deliver unbeatable functionality. Contact us today and become inspHired.


inspHire rental software experts

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