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To ensure that dehumidifiers, dryers and air movers operate efficiently, it is essential that

all excess water is first removed from the flood damaged property. Obart Pumps says that conventional submersible pumps will leave behind approximately 25mm of water, but its LSC1.4S submersible residue pump, or ‘puddle sucker’, is designed to perform down to as low as 1mm. Manufactured by Tsurumi of Japan, the unit incorporates several features for reliable operation. To cope with robust site handling, it has a pressed steel body and an aluminium pump stand. A rubber base plate is fitted to prevent damage to delicate surfaces, which can be essential when operating in residential properties. The LSC1.4S also incorporates a one-way valve, which prevents water in the discharge pipe returning to the pumped out area. A dual position outlet port is fitted to prevent hose kinking when pumping horizontally. In addition, an oil-filled sealed chamber and motor protection enable the unit to run dry for prolonged periods, permitting unattended use without fear of damage. The LSC1.4S can pump 170 litres per minute, with a head of 11m, and is fitted with a 1in or 2in outlet. It is available in 110 or 230V.

0800 092 4423

TowerLight launches TL pumps range

Milan-based TowerLight’s range of super-silenced pumps is now being marketed under the TL Pumps brand by TowerLight UK, from its recently established facility in Milton Keynes. The MVSS range encompasses 4, 6, 8 and 12in models, each of which incorporates a high-performance dry vacuum pump for rapid self-priming, and removing the need for routine maintenance tasks such as topping up water and oil levels. The manufacturer believes that one of the units best suited to tackling floodwater is the 12in MVSS-460, which delivers 18000 litres per hour whilst coping with solid material up to 90mm. It has a noise rating of 65 dBA at 7m and its lean-burn engine gives running times of up to 8 hours on a tank of fuel. Quick-release fuel fittings enable an auxiliary tank to be added for extended operation. The MVSS-460 weighs 3300kg when fitted onto a twin-axle road-tow trailer, and skid mounted and static units are also available.

01908 571435 Clean up with HSC

The Hire Supply Company’s (HSC) range for tasks related with flood restoration includes the versatile Dustless Technologies Wet & Dry Vacuum. Incorporating a 30-litre drum and a 1300watt motor, the machine has the ability to change from wet to dry operation without having to stop and change filters. Special bags collect the vacuumed water so that the inside of the unit stays dry. HSC is also offering a new range of electric submersible pumps, including the 2in JS400, the 2in Ponstar and the RSD 400 dedicated residue pump, all of which are available on next working day delivery. The company’s line-up also includes carpet dryers, whole room dryers, dehumidifiers, air circulators and electric heaters.

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