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INSPIRED Key Product P Inspired Virtual Gaming

art of Inspired Gaming Group, IVG is the creator of the world’s most successful and graphically advanced virtual sports betting and gaming products. IVG products generate every year in excess of £1 billion in betting turnover equating to over £100 million in gross win.

At the heart of IVG’s products is unique proprietary software including high-end 3D visual graphic systems created by a BAFTA award-winning visual effects team. Each product is driven by a unique artificial intelligence (AI) engine, with real world action derived from the most technically advanced motion capture techniques, providing unrivalled realism and a rewarding experience for the end user.

SUBHEAD: Key points: • Generates in excess of £1 billion in betting turnover and over £100 million in gross win every year • Over 12,000 retail outlets worldwide • Created by our BAFTA award winning visual effects producers • Multi-event: horses, greyhounds, speedway, football, motor racing, numbers games • Multi-platform: broadcast, network and streamed solutions • Robust and Reliable • Scalable

gaming as a good way of raising income. Server-based gaming is a great way of controlling gaming while you use it as a means of raising money via taxes. They look at those macro trends and see

opportunities as our management team do, and see us as well positioned to exploit those opportunities. We’re a company with a very strong platform and products, though we’ve been slightly constrained by our financing structure over the last couple of years.

CI: What does it mean for current and future

customers? Will there be any changes? LA: It means we have more flexibility to invest in

their businesses and to help them grow too. We now have the opportunity where, for example, if we signed up a new customer in Italy who wants us to build and roll out a thousand machines, we can do that now quite simply.

CI: Was the company significantly limited before

this, then? LA: We had quite a lot of growth for a couple of

years as a public company and expanded our business, but we floated back in 2006 with a new debt structure at that point. As debt structures mature, you have to allocate more and more cashflow to paying down debt, and that gives you less and less flexibility. It wasn’t an issue for us but we felt the time was right given the growth opportunities we have today to reorganise that structure. Taking the company private was a straightforward way of doing that. Where a couple of years or so ago things were fairly

negative with troubles in everything from Macau to UK pubs, what we’ve seen in the last year is things have bounced back fairly strongly in gaming. Italy coming on board with VLTs, for example, and opportunities in mini-casinos internationally… I

think there is a lot more of that to come, with new markets opening up. We want to be able to exploit those opportunities.

CI: So where are the next areas of

growth for you globally? Being technology driven, the industry is a huge driver for technology but often operators are slow to adopt the latest, with an ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ attitude at times. LA: Italy is interesting because we’re

going to end up with a lot of casinos there, albeit mini-casinos. There will be fully server-based VLTs in them from ourselves and other suppliers that will look and feel like casino slots in terms of stake, prize level, and the games on them, but be full, downloadable 21st century software-managed devices. We’ve seen some interesting stuff in

Asia recently with large casinos looking for mutli-game, fully server- based, downloadable devices in all sorts of different form factors, from Roulette slant-tops to hand-helds and everything in between. I take your point that areas of the

industry have been slower to adopt technology often for regulatory reasons, but I think there are areas that are moving quite quickly now. It’s starting to accelerate. Server-based gaming has been talked about in some countries for years and eventually that talking turns in to action. We’re beginning to see that in a lot of markets now.


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