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HPC Kaeser enhancements

Amongst HPC Kaeser’s portable compressor range

is the M200, offering free air delivery of 19.7m3 /minute at 8.6 bar(g).

Also available with alternative working pressures of 10, 12 and 14 bar, it incorporates a Sigma Control Mobile engine and compressor management system for enhanced efficiency. The machine can be supplied chassis-mounted, featuring a run-on

brake and a fixed or height adjustable tow bar, or, for stationary applications, is available as a skid-mounted version or with feet. Optional air treatment systems can provide cool, dry, oil-free compressed air to meet specific applications. Other models will be displayed from the range, which spans 26 machines, from 1.2 to 26.9m3

/minute with a variety of working pressures.

Selwood’s high-performers

Selwood Pumps will be showing its new high-head H100 pump set, available in super-silent, open-set and electric motor configurations. It offers improved performance of 120m total head, with a maximum flow of over 200m3

New Thwaites nine-tonner

Specialist dumper manufacturer Thwaites’ product range continues to grow, and Hillhead provides the opportunity to highlight its new 9 tonne Powerswivel, developed for safe and reliable operation in demanding conditions. A newly designed chassis enhances all-round visibility, whilst the extended wheelbase increases stability. Power comes from an 111bhp Stage 3a Perkins turbo/aftercooled engine, producing an impressive 418Nm of torque. At the other end of the scale is the Micro 300, Thwaites’ smallest dumper. It will be shown both in standard form and with optional flotation wheels and skip extensions. The machine is suitable for work in small gardens or confined urban building sites.

Tackle dust with Ace Plant


The Seltorque S100, S150 and S200 super-silent pumps and the D80, D100 and D150 super-silent models are now supplied close-coupled as standard, for reduced noise and vibration, and longer coupling life. The S150 has a new Deutz engine, reducing noise from 62dB (A) at 7m to 55dB (A). The S200 is now capable of handling solids of 100mm, flows up to 540m3

/hour and with delivery heads up to 18.5m. All Selwood pumps have a choice of diesel or electric

power options, with various chassis options, and come with Selprime, a self-priming system utilising a water tolerant diaphragm air pump.

Ace Plant will unveil its new Dust Fighter for on-site dust suppression. Incorporating a 3-phase electric fan that projects a fine mist over

distances up to 60m, it has an integral generator and a 2000-litre water reservoir. It offers 360º oscillation and has remote control functions. “Current legislation makes it extremely unlikely that planning permission, or issue of an operating licence for any quarrying, mining, construction or demolition project, would be given without a cohesive dust suppression policy being in place,” says MD Frank Cundell. Also featured will be examples from Ace Plant’s bunded fuel bowser range, and its new communications tower, an integrated unit with a lighting mast, CCTV, a public address system and Wi-Fi capability.


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