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A portable water supply can be connected for dust suppression.

Completing the cut

Hilti has just launched its first petrol cut-off saw for the UK market. Alan Guthrie reports.

With the introduction of its DSH 700 petrol cut-off saw, Hilti (Gt. Britain) says it has completed its line-up of cutting products for the construction industry, complementing tools like the DCH 300 electric diamond cutter, launched last year, and its established angle grinder range.

Two models are available, namely the DSH 700-30 and DSH 700-35, accepting 300 or 350mm (12 or 14in) diameter blades respectively, and each has a power rating of 3.7kW. There is also a 400mm (16in) variant, the DSH 900, which has already been launched in some other countries, but there are currently no plans to introduce it here as Hilti (Gt. Britain) considers this machine less appropriate for the UK market.

One of the main claims being made about the DCH 700 is the two-stroke engine’s ability to produce high torque at comparatively lower revs, sustaining this throughout the engine speed range, helping to provide consistent operation, even when deep cutting. Hilti claims this gives a typical 20% performance increase and 40% more torque, due to the incorporation of a resonance-type exhaust system. In operation, the exhaust pressure wave, which is released as the exhaust aperture in the cylinder opens, is trapped and partly reflected back towards the aperture. It then pushes unburned fuel/air mixture, initially drawn out with the exhaust gases, back into the combustion chamber. This gives better performance, more power and greater fuel efficiency.

A cyclone filter is fitted to ensure that only pre-cleaned air is drawn through the intake, and Hilti says that filter element replacement will typically be required at six-monthly intervals, even under heavy usage. To reduce vibration a decoupled handle is incorporated, whereby the engine is isolated from the machine casing.The 300 and 350mm versions of the DHS 700 have triaxial HAV ratings of 3.2 and 5m/s2 respectively, and they offer maximum cutting depths of 100 and 125mm.

The DSH 700 has a resonance-type exhaust system for improved performance.

The 300mm-diameter machine weighs 11.3kg, while its larger counterpart is 11.5kg. The blade guard on both can be adjusted without tools, and semi- automatic belt tensioning helps prolong belt life. Wheels built into the bottom of the casing enhance mobility, and they help prevent damage from heavy handling, such as if it is stowed roughly into the back of van.A water connection enables the attachment of a

hose for dust suppression, or the portable DWP-10 water supply unit can be used, which achieves pressure via a hand pump. Another available accessory is the DSH-FSC floor saw cart.

With the UK petrol cut-off saw being dominated by three principal suppliers (Stihl, Makita and Husqvarna), Hilti (Gt. Britain) recognises that it latest launch is unlikely to achieve a significant market share overnight. However, according to Richard Wardle, Product Manager - Diamond Systems, “Several major national hirers obviously have supplier agreements in place, but we believe the DSH 700 has many impressive qualities and benefits in terms of performance and lifetime ownership costs. It could also be particularly attractive to smaller hirers and independents who might have held back from replacing cut-off saws last year. The machine benefits from Hilti’s Lifetime Service arrangement, with no repair costs in the first year, a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, and a lifetime repair cost limit, whereby any repair charge will never exceed 30% of the tool’s current list price.

“The DSH 700 was first launched in the US and France at the start of the year, and the response has been excellent, with current sales far in excess of planned growth and exceeding all expectations. Obviously, the UK market is a more mature one, but we believe that, if hirers give the machine due consideration, they will be impressed.”

The saw is designed to produce high torque at all engine speeds.


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