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Makita increases its line-up

Makita’s latest slide compound mitre saw, the LS1018L, has a 260mm-diameter blade and a slim

drive hub, which gives a 91mm maximum depth of cut. Parallel slides are fitted to avoid the

warping effect that can be associated with over-and-under slides. A new table design increases bevel and mitre capacity. The maximum bevel angle range is now 45˚ to the left, through 90-45˚ to the right. With a mitre angle range of 60˚ to 47˚ the cutting performance is also improved. At 90˚ bevel and 90˚ mitre, the saw will give a 91mm depth of cut over a 310mm width. The same depth can be achieved at all mitre angles. A range of double-ended torsion drive screwdriver bits has been introduced, designed for Makita’s high-torque power tools. The ‘waisted’ shape of the shaft, coupled with the use of high-quality steel, dampens the twist action and prevents ‘camming out’ of the screw-head during demanding applications.

01908 211678

Paslode’s positive power Dustcontrol reports growing interest

Dustcontrol UK reports that more construction contractors are introducing products and practices to address the issue of workplace dust.The manufacturer’s mobile vacuums and air cleaners are Class ‘H’ rated, to minimise the spread of hazardous dusts such as respirable crystalline silica (RCS). Typical applications where such equipment is being used include wall chasing, block and stone cutting, drilling, breaking, sanding and surface preparation. Using vacuum cleaners with high filtration can be a safer alternative to sweeping debris. Dustcontrol also points out that tools such as wall chasers can work faster when dust is being effectively drawn away from the blades by an industrial vacuum. This, it says, gives increased efficiency and reduces wear on the blade and motor.

01327 858001

The Paslode PPN35i gas powered positive placement

nailer is designed for efficient and effective operation in applications such as fixing joist hangers, truss clips, connector plates and strapping, even in confined workspaces. Incorporating a self-locating probe, the tool fires 3.4 x 35mm hardened twisted nails directly through solid wood beams, enabling one-handed operation. ITW Paslode estimates that using the tool is at least three times

faster - and, in many cases, less painful - than using a hammer and nails, and that it will help to achieve on-site cost savings owing to the reduction in labour required. A fuel injection system is incorporated to ensure reliable first-time starting of the tool, which produces 95J of power. A removable magazine facilitates clearing jammed nails or debris from the tool.

0800 833381


Metabo’s safety switch

Metabo has introduced new angle grinders incorporating a dead-man’s switch that turns off the tool instantly when the user’s hand is released, or if the machine is dropped, to enhance safety. They are aimed particularly at users in areas posing greater potential risks, such as confined spaces or when working at height. The WP 8-115 Quick is a 4.5in industrial grade machine, while

the WEPA 14-125 Quick is a 5in model designed for use in particularly demanding conditions. An automatic safety clutch is incorporated to help protect the operator from kickback, and Metabo’s VibraTech handle and auto-balancing system is also included to reduce HAV emissions.

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