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A Message from the Chairman

Transportation Construction Gets Greener, Cleaner

When it comes to being green and clean, the transportation industry continues to get its hands dirty.

Larry Tate is a worldwide product manager for Caterpillar Inc. and chairman of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA).

Behind the scenes of the transportation design and construction sector a technological revolution has been under way for some time. Today, fi rms and public agencies are building projects, delivering services and using equipment that is greener, cleaner and leaner. They are delivering signifi cant return on investment for taxpayers and ensuring that the industry’s legacy is to leave the environment a better place. At Caterpillar, we’re leading the industry by building next-generation technology, like our diesel electric hybrid D7E track-type tractor — which provides up to 25 percent more material moved per gallon compared to conventional systems. This is tomorrow’s technology in place — today — on jobsites around the country. But Caterpillar is not alone. In my term as American Road &

Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) chairman, I learn every day about highway, bridge, transit, port, rail and road projects around the country that are literally breaking the old mold — delivering results for communities, along with a hefty dose of outside-the-box innovation and creative thinking. Here’s an example of how the

industry is not only preserving the environment — but working to improve it. In suburban Washington, D.C., crews are building the $2.5 billion Intercounty Connector — a modern highway designed to ease congestion in the traffi c-riddled national capital region. The road crosses tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay, passes through protected park land and historic neighborhoods. Beyond building a new and modern road, crews are creating 52 acres of new wetlands and nearly 43,000 linear feet of restored streambed — that’s eight miles of newly restored waterway!

For too long, many have viewed the

industry by looking back at what was built decades ago. At Caterpillar, at ARTBA and across the transportation design and construction industry, we’re looking ahead. In the following pages, you’ll read about 10 landmark transportation improvement projects around the country. They’re modernizing existing roads, raising new bridges, connecting vital transit corridors — and they’re doing it in a way that brings to bear the best of technology to leave behind the best of legacies: a greener, cleaner world. I hope you’ll agree. g&c

- Larry Tate

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