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Terahertz fingerprints also eliminates drive towards the automated detection For those passengers about whom
the need for operator interpretation solutions being marketed by most of the we have no behavioural concerns but
of complex images as well as the body scanning vendors. cannot readily identify their reason for
significant privacy concerns that have travel, perhaps we can start to use
challenged both millimetre wave and Conclusion millimetre wave imaging, explosive trace
X-Ray technologies. Which is best? It’s hard to say. They all detection portals or backscatter X-ray.
have their pros and cons. Some proffer And for those about whom we have
Automatic Detection speed, others image quality; some iden- serious concern, we need to be able
Also in the vein of automatic detection, tify internal threats, others only external; to guarantee that they do not have
Guardian Technologies International’s some are cheaper, others more expen- any threat item on or in their person,
PinPoint™ Threat Detection a
nd sive; some detect explosives automati- so transmission X-ray must also have a
Identification System is a software plat- cally, others require operators; some role to play.
form that can be added to existing show what we look like nude, others There will be those passengers
checkpoint security scanners, including
turn us into cartoon characters. who have genuine reasons why they
full-body scanners to enable the identi- Many of the more invasive solutions would rather not be scanned using
fication of weapons, explosives (includ-
can certainly not be used on airport- whole body imaging systems – limb
ing liquids) and other threat items. based staff or aircrew who may have amputees, mastectomy patients,
The solution provides imaging analysis to pass through checkpoints numerous children, those with implants and,
technology for the extraction, detection times each day. Then again, these perhaps, transgender travellers. The
and identification of objects-of-interest people are supposed to have achieved advantage of a layered approach
within any digital image format, a
irrespective of the image sensory source.
PinPoint analyses the image generated
by the scanner in sub-second time, so
the throughput is dependent upon the
certain degree of ‘trust’ and, albeit to security, where checkpoints
not exempt from screening, are certainly are equipped with a range of
our primary candidates for screening technologies, is that we can tailor the
by metal detection alone, save for the solution to the individual’s needs as
occasional random check, which would well as our own. That doesn’t trans
scanner throughput rate. However, it will have to be recorded to ensure the the power to select which technology
reduce the time needed for screeners to individual is not repeatedly selected for will be used to screen the passenger
view the images thereby speeding up ‘random’ checks. – it just means we are starting to use
security as people will not be required In reality, for passengers, we need a common sense.
to empty pockets, remove shoes, belts range of security solutions that respond
or other accessories. to the various passenger types we The author is the Editor of Aviation
Automatic detection not only encounter. For the atypical package Security International
addresses privacy concerns but holiday family group who look the part,
also the fallibilities of our screeners. act the part and interact with each
Ultimately, some threat items are simply other and the airport community as Rapiscan's Secure 1000 backscatter X-ray technology
not recognisable to the human eye, we would expect them to, there’s little is available in either single pose (as below) or dual pose
Rapiscan Secur
regardless of the
e 1
000 Single P
ner’s training. need to st
ose –
art examining inside their options.
In the baggage scanning arena, this is bodies, or even beneath their
Advanced P
what has
eople Scr
prompted the requ
eening for T
irement clothing. We mu
st remember
to take bottles out of bags for that, when screening the
examination – X-ray images of liquid passengers themselves,
When security, thr
oughput and r
sives and benign
eliability ar
liquids are u
e crucial, airports ar
sually unlike their ba
ound the
ggage, we are,
world depend on Rapiscan Systems. Our Securindistinguishable from one another. e 1000 Single Pafter all, onose advanced ly looking for the
imaging system is the solution for compr
Additionally, some threat it
ehensive people scr
ems may passenger
eening - today
who knows th
not visible. Millimetre wave scanners, they are a threat.
The Rapiscan Secur
for ex
e 1
000 Single P
ple, produce i
ose is made to meet today’
mages that have And, for
s people
the vast majority
low-density clothing items rendered of passengers, without
screening challenges. With advanced imaging and easy to use oper
invisible. This process also renders embarking on
a racial
software, the Secur
e 1
000 Single P
w-density e
ose is simple to integr
xplosives/threat profil
ate into your
ing programme, we
current checkpoint scritems invieening prsible withinocess. And, as it has been chosen by the US the image, thereby not only know that they
TSA as an appr
oved system to manage mor
aking it impossible for a scree
e stringent secondary scr
ner to do not pose a t
hreat, but
requirements, you can be sur
detect it from the
e that it is held to the highest standar
image. we can also te
ds. Now
ll visually,
deployed at many of the world’
Add to this the
s leading airports, the Secur
concerns we have without
e 1
000 Single
estioning, the
regarding human factors relating reason for their travel. So,
Pose provides unsurpassed imaging and high thr
to distraction, eye fatigue, and
oughput in an effective
using the latest in metal
people screening solution.
inattentiveness, which can further lower detection technology as a

detection rates of threat items, and safeguard, let’s speed them
With 15 years experience, a global installation base and a worldwide one can understand why there is a on their way.
service and support network, Rapiscan Systems can meet your most
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demanding requirements – on time and on budget.
Rapiscan Secure 1000 Single Pose

To learn more or to schedule a demonstration, contact us at
+44 (0) 870-7774301 (EMEA) or +1 310-978-1457 (Americas). ONE COMPANY - TOTAL SECURITY
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