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Sechumbuzo Richard Mlotsa, 35, was deported Two men were detained for questioning after Paul Chambers’ intended joke misfired when his
from South Africa to Botswana to stand trial they scaled the perimeter fence of Los Angeles comments on Twitter were interpreted as being a
for a heist (US $800,000, and €90,000) from a International Airport carrying a guitar, cameras threat. When Robin Hood Airport closed as a result of
cash-in-transit van at Sir Seretse Khama Airport and a flask of alcohol. poor weather, Chambers wrote, "Robin Hood airport
in 2006. is closed. You've got a week and a bit to get your s**t
THREATS together, otherwise I'm blowing the airport sky high!!"
Parminder Singh Saini, the man behind the 1984 4 DECEMBER: TREVISO, ITALY 11 JANUARY: FORT LAUDERDALE
Enhanced Metal Detectors
hijacking of an Indian Airlines flight to Lahore, was An anonymous telephone threat indicated Cleaners found a bomb threat on board a US
deported back to India from Canada. Saini had that a bomb had been placed on board a Airways aircraft shortly after it arrived from Charlotte.
originally been sentenced to death in Pakistan, Transavia flight which was about to depart
but his sentence was reduced to ten years, after for Amsterdam. 12 JANUARY: ABU DHABI
which he was told to leave the country. He entered Jean-Louis Lioret, 66, was arrested for joking with
Canada using forged Afghan documents 15 years 4 DECEMBER: CAPE TOWN a fellow passenger about a bomb. The passenger
ago. Whilst fighting his deportation order, he An anonymous caller claimed that there was a made the comment as the aircraft was preparing
studied for a law degree but he was not allowed bomb at Cape Town Airport. to depart from Abu Dhabi for Bangkok.
to practice due to his previous criminal record. He
did, however, work for his brother’s immigration 5 DECEMBER: DELHI 15 JANUARY: LONDON
consultancy near Toronto. A Jet Airways flight set to depart for Dhaka Armed police at Heathrow boarded an
was cancelled after a phone threat, purportedly Emirates flight as it was preparing to depart
from the leader of the United Liberation Front of for Dubai when an incident involving three
Asom, Paresh Barua. men erupted on board. Two were found to be
drunk, one of whom, Robert Fowles, 58, also
15 DECEMBER: GUADALAJARA, MEXICO made a bomb threat.
An Interjet aircraft on a domestic flight from
Guadalajara to Toluca returned to Guadalajara 22 JANUARY: THESSALONIKI, GREECE
after a telephone bomb threat was received. The crew of a Sun Express flight, en route from
Stuttgart to Izmir, found a note in one of the
28 JANUARY: MELBOURNE 17 DECEMBER: AUSTIN, TEXAS restrooms saying, "Today we will die. Boom."
Shane Kelly, 49, was fined AU$3500 for groping An American Airlines flight set to depart for The Captain diverted to Thessaloniki.
a female passenger and urging her to “do the Chicago was delayed when a threatening note
Mile High Club” on a Qantas flight from Perth in was discovered by a passenger in one of the 26 JANUARY: ANTALYA, TURKEY
February 2009. He was intoxicated at the time, aircraft’s restrooms. A bomb threat note was found in one of the
on the first leg of his journey home to Tasmania. restrooms on board a Sun Express flight operating CEIA EMD APPLICATION
The woman escaped by offering to get him a 21 DECEMBER: NASHVILLE from Munich to Antalya. As the note indicated that the
drink; she was re-seated by crew. A male passenger threatened to blow up an bomb would explode on landing, all the passengers
aircraft after he was bumped off an overbooked were advised to prepare for an emergency landing.
28 JANUARY: AMSTERDAM Continental Airlines flight. After the flight, all the passengers had to provide
Alberto Stegeman, an investigative journalist, was specimens of their hand writing.

Fully compliant with the New Security Standards
fined €1,500 for breaching security at Amsterdam 29 DECEMBER: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
for Conventional and non-Conventional Weapons
Schiphol Airport with the assistance of a member A JetBlue flight, set to depart for San Juan, 29 JANUARY: ADANA, TURKEY
of KLM staff. Carrying out an exposee of the was briefly grounded after an anonymous A passenger, who was running late for his flight

Very High Passenger Throughput
airport’s security for a TV programme, in the bomb threat. to Izmir, telephoned a bomb threat in order to
aftermath of the Abdulmutallab incident, he delay the departure.

Exceptional Immunity to Environmental Interference
refused to pay the fine as he claims he is acting 1 JANUARY: BRISBANE
in the public interest. A male passenger was escorted off a Royal 31 JANUARY: ANKARA, TURKEY
Brunei Airlines set to depart for Auckland A Pegasus Airlines flight, en route from Istanbul
when it was reported that the passenger had to Van, made an emergency landing in Ankara
threatened its crew with a bomb. after receiving a telephone bomb threat whilst
it was in-flight.
A German man was detained at Stuttgart 31 JANUARY: BARRANQUILLA, COLOMBIA
airport after he repeatedly joked with An anonymous caller told air traffic controllers
security personnel that he had explosives in at Barranquilla that there was a bomb on board
his underwear. an Aero Republica Embraer 190, which was
preparing to depart for Bogota.
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