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checks required prior to issuing a certificate carrying the notation change. This Rule may be amended by Notice of Race only to the
ENDORSED (see also Rule 13). extent that the 0.005 limit may be reduced.
8.4.1 On IRC certificates for all boats rated for one or more 9.7 Where the TCC is reviewed and found to be more than 0.005
downwind sails (see Rule 22.6), a second, non-spinnaker, greater than before, the contested certificate is invalid from the date
TCC is printed. of issue.
8.4.2 The non-spinnaker TCC shall be valid only for races for 9.8 In either case where the TCC is reviewed, the certificate becomes
which the Notice of Race includes a non-spinnaker division invalid if any re-measurement which increases the boat’s rating
or class. Boat shall declare their intention to enter such a non- differs from the measurement shown on the certificate by more
spinnaker class using the second TCC a minimum of seven than 1% of: P, E, STL, LH, LWP, Hull Beam, Draft, FL, LLmax, J,

days before the race, or first race if a series of races, and shall MHW, MTW, MUW, (see Appendix 1, Measurement Definitions &
not then be permitted to race using a spinnaker for the race or Abbreviations); by more than 2% of SPA or HSA; by more than 5% U
races. This Rule may be amended by Notice of Race. of y, x, h or HHB; or by 5% or 200 kg, whichever is the less, in respect
8.5 The Rating Authority may at its sole discretion re-issue or may of weights; or if specific detail is clearly in error.
refuse to issue or to re-issue an IRC certificate if in its sole opinion 9.9 Following review and re-measurement, a new certificate may be

Rule 2.5 may be infringed, or for any other reason. No reason need issued which may be back-dated to the date that any erroneous
be stated. data was supplied.
8.6 Change of ownership and/or any changes in sail number, 9.10 The owner of a boat requesting review of his own boat’s rating is
rated dimensions, or physical changes which might affect liable for all measurement and rating costs. In all other cases, unless
the performance of the boat will automatically invalidate the as a result of review a boat’s certificate is invalidated under Rules
rating certificate. Attention is drawn to Rule 13 and to RRS 78, 9.7 or 9.8, the person requesting the review shall pay measurement
Compliance with Class Rules; Certificates. and rating costs unless the Rating Authority orders otherwise.
8.7 When the Rating Authority has reasonable evidence that a boat
does not conform to its certificate, or that there has been a breach 10 RATING PROTESTS
of these Rules, or that there has been an error in the determination 10.1 As permitted by the RRS, a rating protest may be submitted to a
of the rating, or that there has been a gross breach of the IRC Rules protest committee. A protest committee may refer the matter to the
or of good manners or sportsmanship, the certificate may (at the Rating Authority with the appropriate fee.
absolute discretion of the Rating Authority) be withdrawn without 10.2 In the event of protest, the boat’s rated data may be re-measured
compensation and the owner shall be informed in writing. by an authorised measurer.
8.8 Certificates will normally be valid on payment of the appropriate fee 10.3 A boat whose certificate is invalidated as a result of an error or
for the current calendar year only, but at the discretion of the relevant omission by a Rule Authority or by the Rating Authority, of which
Rule Authority, and with agreement from the Rating Authority, the the boat could not reasonably have been aware, may be penalised
year may run from 1 June to 30 May of the following year. at the discretion of the protest committee. Additionally, a protest
8.9 Each boat racing under IRC shall hold a current valid IRC committee may order that races scored using the invalidated
certificate. Action may be taken against any third party using certificate shall be re-scored using the corrected TCC.
information derived from IRC for the purpose of handicapping or 10.4 A boat whose certificate is invalidated in accordance with Rule
rating any boat without a current IRC certificate. 9.6 may be penalised at the discretion of a protest committee.
8.10 Irrespective of where a boat is registered, she shall apply for her Additionally, a protest committee may order that races under its
IRC certificates to the appointed Rule Authority in the country in jurisdiction scored using the invalidated certificate shall be re-
which she predominantly races. Exceptionally, with the agreement scored using the corrected TCC.
of the Rating Authority, she may apply through another Rule 10.5 Subject to the RRS, when a boat is penalised by a protest
Authority. committee as a result of her certificate being invalidated under
8.11 On request and payment of a fee, and in accordance with any Rules 9.7 or 9.8, her owner shall be liable for measurement and
administrative rules published by the Rating Authority, the Rating rating costs unless the protest committee orders otherwise. In all
Authority may supply a copy of a boat’s valid or immediately expired other cases, the protestor shall be liable for measurement and
IRC certificate, including owner name, to any interested party rating costs.
10.6 When as a result of an action in a race or series, or the withdrawal of
a certificate by the Rating Authority, a boat’s rating is reviewed and
9.1 Review of a boat’s rating may be requested at any time by the
its TCC increases by more than 0.010, the boat’s Member National
owner who should submit a review request through their Rule
Authority shall investigate the circumstances and report its findings
Authority to the Rating Authority. A fee may apply.
to the Rating Authority.
9.2 Anyone who has a valid interest in a boat’s certificate may also
request rating review from the Rating Authority, by submitting a
review request through their Rule Authority to the Rating Authority.
11.1 Notice of Race may vary the requirements of IRC Rules 8.4.2,
A fee may apply. The owner of the boat subject to review will be
14.1, 15.1, 9.6, 21.1.5 (d) and (e), 21.8.4, 22.4. No other IRC Rules
requested to file a reply as soon as possible.
may be amended.
9.3 The Rating Authority may also review the rating at any time.
9.4 Review shall be based on all the available evidence. Where 12 UNITS OF MEASUREMENT AND CORRECTED TIMES
necessary, rated data shall be re-measured by an authorised 12.1 Measurements shall be taken in units of the metric system. Sail
measurer. The decision of the Rating Authority on any review shall measurements shall be taken in metres to two decimal places. All
be final. other linear measurements shall be taken in metres to three decimal
9.5 For series produced boats, the rated data may have been places and rounded to two decimal places for input. Weight shall be
standardised by the Rating Authority. Standard data shall not be taken to the nearest kilogram except in the case of boat weight
subject to third party review or protest. A rating review may be which shall be to the nearest 10 kilograms. Normal mathematical
requested by the manufacturer or the class association of a series conventions shall apply, with 0.5 rounding up. Full calculated
produced boat. Modifications to standard data shall be declared by values will be carried forward to subsequent calculations. Final
the owner. ratings shall be rounded to three decimal places.
9.6 Where the TCC is reviewed and found to be not more than 0.005 12.2 The IRC rating is calculated as a Time Corrector (TCC) to three
greater than before, the contested rating shall be valid up to the places of decimals. Corrected time for each boat is calculated by
date that the request for review was lodged with the Rating multiplying its elapsed time by its TCC. Corrected times shall be
Authority except that if Rule 8.6 applies then from the date of the rounded to the nearest second with 0.5 seconds rounding up.

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