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IRC yeARBooK 2010
Please read these notes relating to the IRC Application Form
Please complete the application form in full. Missing information may cause delays, or mean that your rating
is based on ‘worst case’ measurements. See also the Measurement Definitions (page 50)
Sail Number If you do not have an approved sail number (see Rule 14), Measurement Definitions). If no mainsail widths are given, default
apply to your national authority. In the UK, sail numbers are issued values will be used, but if widths are over default values (Rule 21.5.3)
by either the RYA, the RORC Rating Office (online at www.rorcrating. these must be declared.
com) or the Clyde Yacht Clubs Association. STL If you race with any downwind sails, or pole out a headsail downwind,
Design Class eg Hallberg-Rassy 352, Elan 333, Sunfast 32, One-off, then STL must be supplied for the pole, bowsprit, tack point on the
Reichel/Pugh 60 Custom, etc. deck or whisker pole. See Definitions.
Version eg Mark 2, Shallow/Deep Keel, Sports, Racing, Masthead/ Headsail Dimensions The LL, LP, HHW & HTW measurements of
Fractional Rig, Teak Decks. the largest area headsail must be given. In addition we require the
Configuration Enter the most suitable descriptions from each category. maximum LL of any headsail carried (see Rule 21.7). HHW will be
The Rating Authority may ask for more detailed information, eg. input at 50% of LP but if it is larger than this it must be declared.
drawings or photographs. If your boat is a Custom one-off or unusual Downwind Sails State how many of each type of spinnaker you carry.
design, it may save time if you send the following drawings/photos Carrying a total of more than three downwind sails will increase the
with your application: profile including underwater configuration; sail TCC (see Rule 21.6). A cruising chute is an asymmetric spinnaker. A
plan; accommodation. ‘code zero’ may rate as a spinnaker or a headsail, depending on the
Source of Info. Brochure, designer, self-measured, weighed, etc. If ratio of foot to mid-width. If you carry any spinnakers, you must supply
officially measured, give name of measurer or organisation. the STL measurement.
Dimensions All dimensions should be in metres to two or three decimal Rig Features Give the number of pairs of spreaders, jumper struts,
places, except for sails which should be measured to two decimal runners and checkstays.
places (see Rule 12.1).Yacht weight should be in kilograms. Roller Furling Headsails See Rule 21.8. If you have a furling headsail
Conversion factors are Feet x 0.3048 = Metres, and Pounds x 0.4536 and do not state how many additional sails you carry (if any), we may
= Kilograms. assume that you carry other headsails and are not eligible for rating
Rig Type Enclose sketch if in doubt. reduction. If you do not state whether or not you carry an ISAF OSR
Rig and Sail Data Wherever possible measurements should be verified Heavy Weather sail we may assume that you do.
by a measurer or sailmaker. Important : P and E are measured on the Unusual Features Describe any unusual features of hull, rig or sails. If in
mast and boom respectively, NOT on the mainsail (see Appendix 1 doubt seek assistance from the Rating Office.
Payment must be made online through MyIRC on, or by card or cheque at the time of application.
For the benefit of both owners and the Rating Office, we want to receive Sheet Application is the application form itself, which is straightforward
applications electronically that are in EXCEL format. For owners who are and self explanatory. Enter the data from the data summary sheet into the
unable to do this, a paper application form will still be available (please form. Cells other than those requiring data entry are ‘protected’ and cannot
contact the Rating Office or your local IRC Rule Authority direct), but we be changed.
regret that a surcharge will have to be levied. Owners of strict one-designs Sheet Validation looks at the data entered, checking for omissions
may use the OD application form in this yearbook, or available in EXCEL and errors. It has a column with data descriptions and then three ‘error’
format on columns: Missing Data, Probably Erroneous Data and Warnings.
The starting point is to collate the required data using the data
l Missing Data is just that!
summary worksheet you can find on the opposite page. The next step is
l Probably erroneous Data compares the data with typical values
to download the EXCEL application form from the Rating Office website
looking for gross error – eg, h>x which is not physically possible and, or from your local Rule Authority, and then save it
suggests that the data has been transposed.
onto your computer, preferably using the file naming convention described
l Warnings compares the data with typical values, looking for data
on the website.
which varies from norms, but which is probably still correct. eg,
Please do NoT use old, previously saved versions of the EXCEL
LP>150% of J. While this is of course possible, it suggests that you
spreadsheet. Download a new one each time so that any updates have
should check that particular value.
been incorporated.
There is a list of Standard hulls on the IRC website www.ircrating. Having entered the data, use Validation to review the data, adding
org, this shows a list of designs for which we hold standard hull data any omissions and correcting any errors.
(LOA, overhangs, beam, draft, weight). If your boat’s design appears Sheet Keel types shows drawings of the different keel shapes
on this list, you may leave the hull data blank and type ‘standard’ in the referred to in the drop down box on the form.
source of information area. Note however that the rig and sail data, and UK owners: Use MyIRC to pay online (and save money!) or e-mail the
other questions, must be completed. form direct to us at as an attachment.
The EXCEL application has a number of sheets of which only the first overseas owners: e-mail it to your local IRC Rule Authority. Please see
two are relevant to owners. page 64 for e-mail addresses.
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