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We’ll put politicians to the test
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Ministers have also bottled out on certain key
plans that would have made a huge difference
Display Sales Consultant: Jim Folley
Tel: 020 7324 2786 – perhaps the most notable being a U-turn
Senior Recruitment Sales: Ali Scott
ince we can expect an unofficial general
election campaign to kick off in the UK
in the new year, we can no doubt also
look forward to some clarification from on making homeowners increase the energy
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the three main parties about what they intend efficiency of their buildings whenever significant
Advertising Production: Jane Easterman to do to slash the carbon emissions from our
changes are made to their properties (known
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existing buildings.... or perhaps not. As with the as consequential improvements). And why
Copenhagen climate change talks this month – the delay to Part G of the regulations, on water
Publishing Co-ordinator: Nicola Hurley
at which any binding agreement on emissions services in buildings? We should be told.
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looked unlikely at time of writing – there is no The latest policy, outlined in the new Energy
sign yet of any programme of radical action from Bill, to back carbon capture is not radical, it’s
Editorial advisory panel
Laurence Aston, Director of Mechanical
Britain’s three main political parties. simply pie in the sky, in technology terms. As our
Engineering, Morgan Professional Services
The Liberal Democrats need to boost their cover story on ‘greening the grid’ suggests, Britain
David Clark, Partner, Max Fordham
Consulting Engineers
green credentials by is not going far enough or fast
Patrick Conaghan, Partner, Hoare Lea
coming forth with a enough in enabling suppliers
Consulting Engineers
Targets and
David Hughes, Building Services Consultant,
serious programme for and users of electricity to
MTT Consulting
the built environment to
Philip King, Director, Hilson Moran
‘manage’ power usage in a truly
Chani Leahong, Senior Associate,
match their passionate
Fulcrum Consulting
won’t be enough.
sustainable way (page 20).
attack on City excess. In the new year the Journal
Stephen Lisk, President, The Society of Light
and Lighting The best we’ve heard We’ll need detailed
will be challenging the main
Professor John Swaffield, CIBSE Past
from the Tories so far
radical action plans
parties to spell out how they
Ged Tyrrell, Managing Director,
is a framework for a
Tyrrell Systems
Ant Wilson, Director, AECOM
pay-as-you-go scheme
that set short-term
plan – if in fact they do – to
significantly reduce carbon
Morwenna Wilson, Graduate Engineer, Arup
for householders to milestones emissions from the existing
Terry Wyatt, Consultant to Hoare Lea
insulate their homes now
which can
building stock. Targets and good
CIBSE Journal is written and produced by Cambridge
by paying it back later intentions won’t be enough.
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through their (hopefully
be met
We need detailed radical action
Editorial copy deadline: First day of the month
preceding the publication month
reduced) energy bills. plans that, in the jargon of the
The opinions expressed in editorial material do not
necessarily represent the views of the Chartered Institution No doubt most parties will want to adopt this policymakers, have a clear ‘trajectory’, with a series
of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE). Unless specifically
stated, goods or services mentioned in editorial or
approach, and to take forward smart metering of short-term practical milestones that can be met.
advertisements are not formally endorsed by CIBSE, which
does not guarantee or endorse or accept any liability for
any goods and/or services featured in this publication.
and renewable energy. But radical action this We will also want to hear readers’ views on what
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isn’t. What the Tories will also need to spell out they want from the party manifestoes.
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is what they mean by their intention to have the On a lighter note.... as some of you won’t
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recently quoted as stating in the trade press. the Journal and at CIBSE wish all
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power for so long, the record is woeful: lots of a very merry festive season.
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good intentions, targets and consultations but
February to April 2009
nowhere near radical enough when it comes Bob Cervi, Editor
to cutting emissions from existing buildings. December 2009 CIBSE Journal 5
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