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Roundtable Sustainable energy
> and I feel it’s best to stick with the major commercial
users at the moment, the retailers like Sainsbury’s,
The solutions
Marks & Spencer, and the major manufacturers and
that we have
industry – I believe that they could incorporate DDM
at the moment
without too much expenditure, but the effects would
be colossal, because they are the major users. They will
are carbon-
have the power to come to the supply side and demand
an appropriate tariff that will make it worthwhile;
so demand
whereas approaching every householder, as the UK
government seems to be doing with its ‘smart meters’
plan, is not very likely to bring about the circumstances
does offer a low-
for homes to be able to assist the supply side and so
carbon solution
have the opportunity to negotiate their tariff.
BC: Terry, what do you feel CIBSE ought to be doing
– Rachel
about this issue?
TW: We might be able to set up a communication
forum in some way. Our industry represents the
demand side – we specify the equipment that
consumers, those on the demand side, use. I don’t
know how we get the supply side to a level where we
Energetic debate... Rachel Stanley and David Frise.
could make things happen, but it has to be done so that
they start making some commitments. We desperately D H-D: It sounds to me as though establishing those
need to know the supply side is going to do that. And channels is vital and something that CIBSE could really
we can assist them because we really do have that do.
ability. PK: You need to start at grassroots with people
In my view there is an urgent requirement for designing buildings and the generation coming through
CIBSE to produce a guide to the application of DDM for future buildings and retrofitting of buildings. It
Should dynamic demand
in buildings and building systems, new and existing, needs to change what they put in buildings, and if that
management be in place
before more power stations
and we should get the contracting side involved, which means a couple more controllers or whatever – the
are built?
would then bring in the manufacturing side. way they look at buildings needs to be slightly different
from the past.
BC: So, will DDM happen, and if so, when?
SB: The question is how quickly will DDM penetrate
the market rather than will we get it and when. We
have forms of demand-side management now. Will
it grow? Yes. How quickly? That depends on factors
such as the speed of roll-out of smart meters. As a
consumer, if you’re willing to vary your demand in
response to a signal, you need to have a way of doing
that that doesn’t necessarily require you to go around
your house switching appliances off. You could have
two electrical circuits in your house – a sensitive load
and a non-sensitive load circuit – but this would be
prohibitively expensive. So you will need to have a little
chip in your appliances for your smart meter to talk
to them.
DF: I think DDM will happen. It is about being able
to speak in a common language that our customers
will understand and, when they have a degree of
understanding, it will be about making a business case
for them to invest in it. If we do that, then people will
go for it, making sure that there is no perceived risk
to them from it.
RS: I would very much like to see flexible demand.
I believe that it has huge potential as a solution to
lowering the carbon of our electricity supply network.
As various people have already mentioned, when it
happens is dependent upon so many factors. From a
personal point of view, I don’t see why it couldn’t happen
in the next five years, given the right incentives. l
24 CIBSE Journal December 2009
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