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Where are the performance data
in the Journal’s case studies?
The proponents, advocates, designers,
owners and managers of green or sustainable
buildings and spaces represented in the
Journal describe their size, construction cost,
and how beneficial they are, especially from
an energy, carbon or emissions perspective.
However, they often fail to provide factual
measured or metered energy data to support
their claims, even when those data can become
readily available.
If the building has been in full operation
for at least one year, the article should
include monthly metered electricity and
fuel consumption data per gross sq ft for
12 consecutive months, so that readers
can make comparisons with their own or
comparable facilities. If the building has
been in operation for less than one year, they
should provide monthly metered electricity
and fuel consumption data per gross sq ft for
The shortlisted
12 consecutive months within two years. A
candidates for the
simple table of the factual metered data, along CIBSE/ASHRAE
with the building size in gross sq ft, should
Graduate Award 2009.
The data need to include all of the energy although energy-performance and display-energy need to overcome their natural inhibitions if
used, including HVAC and hot water, whether certificates are helping to fill the gap on energy- the profession is to thrive.
purchased from utilities, or generated on usage data. Sadly, very few buildings are subject My perception, from where I’m based, is
site, unless stated otherwise. If all or part of to full post-occupancy evaluations (POEs); and that young engineers in Gulf countries prefer
the energy is not metered or measured, the where these exist, the clients who own the data are to be good listeners rather than to express
article should so state, with reasons for the often reluctant to release them. But the Journal their creative ideas during meetings. Perhaps
omission. continues to seek out this data; and if any readers they need several brain-storming sessions to
If the energy data are not provided and feel they have useful POE case studies to offer, help them come out of their shells.
published after two years, a brief statement to please do not hesitate to contact us. Universities should perhaps encourage
that effect should be published by you. engineering students to be involved more
The article should also clearly identify any Give graduates a seat on the in debate and discussions on practical case
rebates, subsidies, or unique circumstances CIBSE Board of Trustees studies as a part of their curricular activities.
that might limit broad transferability or How good to see the November 2009 Universities should be the starting point
applicability of the technologies involved. Journal’s cover feature of the young graduates for training engineers to overcome their
In addition, it should provide evidence that shortlisted for this year’s CIBSE/ASHRAE inhibitions.
the building is providing the environmental awards [see above]. Whatever their future, Dr M Ramaswamy PhD, MCBISE
conditions and functionality intended. far better to involve our young engineers in Technical expert, Royal Court Affairs,
Eur Ing Int PE Larry Spielvogel, PE, CEng, the strategic decision-making processes that Muscat, Oman
FASHRAE, FCIBSE, FSLL affect them. A dedicated seat for them on the
L G Spielvogel, Inc, US CIBSE Board of Trustees should be included CIBSE Journal welcomes article proposals from
as part of a much-needed package of corporate
any reader, wherever you are – whether it be
letters, longer opinion pieces, news stories,
Editor’s reply: governance reforms.
people or events listings, humorous items, or any
It is right to state that the case studies of buildings Ian Brown MSc, CEng, FIMechE, FCIBSE ideas for possible articles.
that we publish in the Journal do not, as a matter
Please send all letters and any other items for
of course, provide the full range of energy data and Encourage young engineers to
possible publication to: bcervi@cibsejournal.
operational assessments specified above. It is also overcome their inhibitions
com, or write to Bob Cervi, Editor, CIBSE Journal,
fair to point out that this information would be Young engineering professionals who are
Cambridge Publishers Ltd, 275 Newmarket Road,
Cambridge, CB5 8JE, UK. We reserve the right to
a valuable resource for readers. We are seeking to in building service fields need to appreciate
edit all letters. Please indicate how you wish your
obtain this information for many of the buildings Morwenna Wilson’s comments in her opinion
letter to be attributed, and whether you wish to
we profile, but such data are often not available – column (Journal, October, page 24). They do
have your contact details included.
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