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Energy monitoring Meters
CIBSE updates metering guide
Meters that are selected, installed and commissioned
correctly will provide the information needed for the
effective monitoring and targeting that is an essential
part of good energy management.
TM39 Building energy metering provides best
practice guidance for those responsible for the
design, installation, commissioning, operation and
maintenance of building services energy metering
This new edition provides a more general approach
to energy metering for both new and existing buildings,
allowing designers and facilities managers to develop a
metering strategy that is tailored to meet the particular
requirements of a specific project. A step-by-step
method is provided to assist in selecting appropriate
ways of metering energy use.
> it also makes commercial sense for far smaller energy The document covers compliance with relevant
consumers too, according to metering specialists. building regulations, meeting statutory requirements
‘The price of energy meters has come down by 7,000 for Display Energy Certificates, and also takes a look
per cent in 25 years,’ says Kris Szajdzicki, chairman at future legislation such as the Carbon Reduction
of Bradford-based ND Meter Ltd. ‘Back then, it was Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme and
not worth doing anything about your energy unless changes to the Energy Performance of Buildings
you were consuming more than £60,000 worth per Directive.
annum. TM39 is essential reading for designers, owner/
The cost was too high. For example, a BMS would occupiers, landlords (and the letting agents who act
cost about £10,000 including kit, installation and on their behalf), tenants, facilities managers, and
training, and the energy saving was about 10 per cent anyone else who can benefit from the energy data that
a year. meters and submeters can provide.
‘Now if you spend more than £2,500 a year on energy
you can do something about it for as little as £600. For more information, or to buy this publication, visit
That will buy you a smart meter with web interface, or call 020 8772 3618.
real-time graphs and 12 months’ consumption history
so you can measure and compare usage – all this can
be retrofitted onto your system and will pay for itself Malina of Energy Solutions Associates. ‘The first rule
in about three years.’ of energy management is: measure, analyse, act.’
Building and facilities managers can have a meter With feed-in tariffs for micro-generators due to come
complete with logger and an internet interface, which into effect next April, smart meters should be set up to
uses a standard browser allowing them to access their allow the two-way flow of electricity to and from the grid.
information almost anywhere, all in a single box However, the correct type of four quadrant meters will be
complete with the necessary software and a link to required to make this possible, and there is a good chance
the building’s management system – if there is one. that utilities will charge extra for this facility.
Installing an alarm that alerts you when your energy Jim O’Neil, chairman of M&E Sustainability –
loads are excessive, will demonstrate reasonable the initiative led by the Heating and Ventilating
provision in line with the guidance in Part L Approved Contractors’ Association and the Electrical Contractors’
The roll-out Documents ADL2A and B. Association to support contractors’ efforts to deliver
of smart meters
Demand for meters will continue to rise as more more sustainable projects – says it is important that
is a huge
buildings and building types – without in-house the role of meters is linked to overall building services
experts – are required to provide energy information strategies.
opportunity for and meet legislative targets. This means the technology ‘A large proportion of utility bills are estimated so
the sector and
needs to be simple to use and be read automatically. we have a very poor grasp on actual consumption,’
is ‘bread and
Also, more of the information will need to be says O’Neil. ‘The roll-out of smart meters is a huge
available remotely to third party experts, who can opportunity for the sector – this is “bread and butter”
butter’ work analyse it and advise the building managers on work for competent firms. They can also install the
for competent
remedial action. improved heating and lighting controls that allow
‘It is an absolute scandal that in so many of our building users to do something about the energy
buildings we have absolutely no idea how much energy consumption information they will receive from their
– Jim O’Neil is being consumed,’ says energy consultant Mike smart meter.’ l
38 CIBSE Journal December 2009
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