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New gateway JS Humidifiers aids low energy
to Royal Botanic data centre humidification
JS Humidifiers has supplied a low energy
JetSpray humidifier to the award winning
A new £15.7m Fujitsu data centre in North London.
biodiversity and Having employed many energy saving and IT humidify incoming fresh air – evaporating JS
information centre has optimisation strategies, Fujitsu has conserved Humidifiers’ low energy cold water JetSpray
opened at Edinburgh’s the equivalent annual energy use of 6,000 – instead of using energy-hungry steam
historic Royal Botanic homes. One strategy provided electrostatic humidifiers.
Garden, which dates control by using recovered data hall heat to l For more tel: 01903 850200.
from 1670, and today
attracts more than 660,000 visitors annually.
The brief was to incorporate energy saving
Kentec in a league of its own! Mitsubishi heavy
and renewable energy solutions to make the Kentec is defending
cools ‘fever’ at busy
centre both cheap to run and an excellent two more of
medical centre
example of sustainability and design. England’s top soccer When medical centre
Consultants Max Fordham and Emtec stadiums against Chatfield Health Care found
Building Services chose Grundfos Pumps, fire with major fire its four-storey premises a
whose integrated, energy-efficient pump protection systems bit ‘feverish’ in summer, it
solution comprised a range of energy efficient based on Kentec Syncro fire control panels. looked to Mitsubishi Heavy
UPS circulators and TPED in-line pumps, At Aston Villa’s ground, a networked system Industries Europe (MHIE)
along with two Hydro Multi-E booster sets of seven Kentec 4 Loop Syncro Control for high-efficiency air conditioning systems.
and an IMpress pressurisation unit. Panels use Apollo’s open protocol fire data With outdoor siting problems to solve, solutions
The new facility offers a wide range of communications, while at West Bromwich provider Aircon Worldwide designed, specified
experiences, including: a biodiversity garden; Albion’s Hawthorns stadium, the system and installed 66.6kW of compact equipment from
participation zones; real life science studio; is supported by Apollo’s Protocol, linked to MHIE’s KX and split ranges, sourced through
education room; dynamic exhibition areas; more than 700 Apollo XP95 devices. distributor FM Air Conditioning.
shop and restaurant. l For more visit: email: l For more visit:
l For more email: or or tel:+44(0)1322
tel: 01525 775347. 222121.
Timoleon on combining floor
heating with acoustic structures
New WRAS-approved ball valve Timoleon’s new TX100
from Hattersley publication guides architects
Hattersley has launched a new range of and builders on combining
WRAS-approved DZR brass ball valves in six underfloor heating with floors
compression sizes, from 15 to 54mm, and and walls needing predictable
eight threaded sizes from 0.25 to 2.0 inches. noise transmission levels. The
Extra seals reduce the risk of installation first guide to offer a complete
damage, a metal-to-metal primary seal on spectrum of systems matched
the body seat retainer joint provides greater to robust standard details, it explains how to
strength and sealing capabilities, and an l For more visit: email: integrate underfloor heating and cooling systems
O ring seal in the threaded versions’ main joint into all types of acoustic constructions to enhance
gives additional leakage protection. or tel: 01473 277434. the environment and improve energy efficiency.
l For more email: or tel:
01392 363605.
Classroom ventilation units
Aircraft Air Handling’s 260mm-high classroom
ventilation units – silenced to nr25; plate recuperator:
Off-site manufacture adds value
60 per cent efficient; air volume: 0-500 litres. Heating:
When specifying the
LPHW/ELECTRIC. Cooling: CW/DX. Larger air volumes
building services for Walsall
and bespoke units are available.
College’s new Business and
l For more visit:
Learning Campus, Balfour
Kilpatrick identified that
off-site manufacture of plant
HCP radiant heating recognised
and inmates rooms would offer value
by CPA for design innovation
by reducing engineering benefits. HVAC
HCP, a division of SAS International, has the chances specialist Armstrong constructed the two plant
been recognised by the Construction Products of accidental rooms at their factory in Halesowen. This meant
Association for health, safety and security burning and the that work on the building services could take
design innovation in radiant heating panel opportunities place concurrently with other on-site work, saving
manufacture. for self-harm. several weeks in time and providing significant
Anti-ligature panels are ideal for use in l For more health and safety advantages.
secure facilities, such as mental health units information l For more visit: www.
and prisons, and contribute to a safer and visit: email:
more secure environment for both patients or tel: 01424 712195. or tel: 0121 550 5333. December 2009 CIBSE Journal 47
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