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Electricity suppliers have an > being able to add more renewables onto the grid. One or whether you say it needs to find a commercial route
opportunity to work with the
of the UK government’s aims is to increase the amount to market. What we have done with Paul’s technology
demand side of the industry
of wind power going onto the grid, and there are is find a commercial route to market for it.
to cut waste and inefficiency
challenging targets for 2020. However, what happens BC: Is it the ultimate goal to get rid of energy
with a wind-power-dependent grid when the wind is reserves? The reserve is there to meet fluctuating
not blowing? Something has to move somewhere else. demand.
Many of the solutions that we have at the moment are SB: Reserves are there partly to meet fluctuating
carbon-intensive, so demand management may help demand but primarily for plant failures.
to deliver a low-carbon solution. PL: Is DDM a panacea? No, but I agree that it is
BC: Is DDM a panacea in terms of resolving many of part of the answer to cutting energy usage. You would
the issues around energy inefficiency for the future? never want to put all your eggs in one basket. So it is an
Stuart Bailey, balancing services manager, National answer to the problem, but it is not the only one.
Grid: There is a difference between demand reductions TW: I wonder what is so different about the electrical
as a result of efficiency, and DDM – it’s important to supply industry from, say, every other organisation that
understand the different roles that each has. Is the I deal with? I get the option that I will not travel before
ability to flex demand a prerequisite to delivering the 9.30am, for example. But when it comes to electricity,
changing generation pattern? Yes. Is it the panacea? and it is probably the same for gas as well, there is
Probably not. It is part of the solution. How big a part nothing I can do about it. For everything that I do I
it needs to be depends on other things that come along: have choices, except in buying electricity.
Will electric vehicles be here in significant numbers by Damon Hart-Davis, consultant with ExNet, the
2020? Will energy storage be commercially viable? IT and energy consultancy: With dynamic demand,
BC: What fundamental changes do we need to make no one knows ahead of time when they will need to
You will need
to infrastructures, tariffs, incentives and so on? bump you off a train. If National Grid calls up the train
to have a little Paul Lazarevic, sales and marketing director, RLtec, operator and says, ‘I am sorry, I cannot give you two
chip in your
a clean-technology specialist: Zero, I would say. There megawatts for this train’, you will have to push a third
was a barrier but National Grid fixed that barrier in of the passengers out onto the platform at the next
appliances for
April of this year when the Grid’s firm frequency stop.
your smart response tender framework agreement was changed Paul Kingston, managing director of K8TRAM
meter to talk to
to incorporate dynamic demand. Therefore there is Intelligent Green Solutions: Yes, but with building
now a means to market. infrastructure, and certain manufacturing and shop
your appliance
SB: I guess that depends on whether you mandate processes, they monitor and know how their business
– David Frise that DDM should be rolled out as part of the equipment, works. They can predictably work out where they can
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