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ith all the hype in July whilst some of the class were nerves” as she rubbed it better (yep,
surrounding the 40th practicing on the courts. The coach they touched you in those days too and
anniversary of landing on exploded at my friend (who had it didn’t mean a thing) so I slunk back
the moon I’ve been pondering on what absolutely no responsibility for the on to the court, finished the game and
I was doing that day. It’s amazing how other children), “What on earth are lived to tell the tale. If it happened to
one takes things in your stride when they doing? Who let them on the me these days I probably would be
you are young; so many things were court? Accident waiting to happen. No airlifted to intensive care!
happening in the 60s it seemed only respect for (yes, you’ve guest it!)
natural to go to the moon. Sadly as health and safety”. In the good old Sad news about Canterbury of New
I’ve become a Grumpy I think the film Zealand going into administration but
Capricorn One was probably far more not totally unexpected. You may recall
likely and “the landing” was all a I flagged up in January the rather odd
fabulous con staged in the Arizona
desert. Anyway returning to that day in
. . . My
decision to introduce a £50 small order
charge and asked if they were the only
July 1969, before cynicism kicked in, I company in the world that could afford
was on holiday with my family and
to turn away business how ever small
watched the landing in Italy. My sister an order. It was a loud alarm bell, if
was a great diary keeper and she
recorded that day, “Wore my new assures me
the management were making crazy
decisions like that then one wondered
bikini on the beach, quite like pizza, what other crass things were going on,
went to the nightclub in the evening.
Very hot here”. Not a mention of the
that planes
unfortunately it would now seem panic
had set in and rational business
Americans landing on the moon so it practice was abandoned.
can’t have been such a big deal as they
make out now but she was quick to
have come
Now if any of you are off for your
spot the potential of pizza before it hols, or a business trip, this summer
invaded this country! Intrigued that
a long way
and happen to travel with EasyJet be
she didn’t think the moon landing warned…Son of Arkwright could be
worth a mention I looked to see what welcoming you aboard. As doors
she wrote for 30th July 1966, well at
since Icarus
slammed in the world of estate agency
least it registered in her mini skirt and commission slumped he felt it was
world but she clearly didn’t realise its
significance…..“Stayed in bed late.
had his
time his career path took an upward
turn and it has to about 35,000 feet. He
Friends came over to watch football on thinks he’s found heaven, not just
telly, the World Cup. England won. 4-
2 great!!! Mum made a nice tea and
because he’s up in the clouds, though
that must help, but mainly because
we all went to the flicks”. Don’t you he’s there with a continually changing
just love her? If she were a teenager
today perhaps she’d write, “England mishap . . .
roster of pretty girls. If any passenger
starts to annoy him he claims he just
won the Test at Lords, AWESOME. throws them out the window, probably
Definitely getting tattoo done not company policy but don’t risk
tomorrow of mini cricket bat. Got a getting on the wrong side of him!
takeaway, left litter all over the street”. days if you got to a lesson early and Family fares are very attractive so I’m
you weren’t knocking up when the now in therapy to conquer my fear of
Times change and so do things on the teacher arrived you were accused of flying, as I want to be able to take full
tennis court. A fellow shop owner being lazy and disinterested. Kids advantage. My counsellor assures me
appeared in my shop last week looking can’t win. I once played a match with that planes have come a long way
quite harassed. He’d just been a broken arm having slipped over since Icarus had his little mishap but I
subjected to a good telling off from the practicing before the teacher arrived, suspect gin will be more effective than
tennis coach as he innocently talked to when I did report the pain half way hypnosis in countering my concerns.
his small son before the session started through the match I was told, “It’s just Bon voyage!
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