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Innovative Technology
They’ve got a great reputation and recently, bill validator experts
Innovative Technology entered the casino market. Casino International
found out about the company from Aidan Towey, Managing Director
hat are the cornerstones of the
Innovative Technology range for What are the key differences between your AWP
casino customers? Which are the and casino products?
products that underpin what you do?
AT: Our casino products have been built for volume.
Aidan Towey: The NV200 is the flagship validator The sensing technology for all of our products is the
from Innovative Technology. We’ve been making same as the fundamental process to establish what
validators for 16 years and have concentrated mainly the denomination and whether the note is genuine
on the amusement market, now we have the NV200 remains unchanged. The major difference between
we are targeting the Casino market with a product the casino products and the AWP products is in the
that is of equal quality, reliability and equal volume of notes that are accepted per day. In the
performance as our competitors, all this at a lower Casino products we have cash boxes that hold more
cost. It has always been the strategy at Innovative to notes than in the AWP’s, and the products for casinos
make value for money products. have to conform to more regulations and standard fit.
The unit can accept notes at acute angles, all four The casino market also uses more serial protocols
ways and straightens before reading. than the AMP market.
Its triple lock capability comprises of a lock on the The NV200 Bank Note validator was designed for
validator head, securing the head to the main unit, the Casino market, developed to incorporate industry
and two locks on the cashbox, which has a 500-note barcodes and high value note acceptance.
capacity. The NV200 was independently praised for its
The NV200 bezel has backlighting effects that can acceptance ability recently having received European
be defined by the customer to suit any colour Central Bank (ECB) approval for its ability to
scheme, allowing bezel lighting of any colour made recognise Euro Note counterfeits. The NV200
from a variation of three primary colours. received first acceptance rate results of 100% in the
Innovative Technology are launching a new independent tests, having correctly identified all
product this autumn ideal for the Casino market. The genuine and counterfeit notes.
SMART Payout is the first payout unit to handle multi
denomination notes. The SMART Payout’s 100-note Why enter the casino industry now?
capacity can be used to pay prizes using notes. This is
of particular benefit for countries where the coin AT: It is not why we are entering now, it is more
value is very low. that some of our customers are both in Amusement
A modular add on for the NV200, the SMART and Casino and they have been asking us for years to
Payout can accept and then payout notes up to provide them with an alternative to the competition,
85mm wide. The 100-note capacity of the SMART and also it is a natural expansion of our product
Payout when combined with the 500-note capacity of portfolio.
the NV200 is ideal for casino applications. Add to When we were designing the NV200 we knew the
this the triple lock security of the NV200 and eSSP SMART Payout was in the pipeline and these two
(encrypted Smiley Secure Protocol) and Casino products together were perfect for the Casino market.
operators can be confident in the SMART Payout’s
security. Tell us a bit abnout the company; also, why are
Most of the recycler units currently on the market you based in Oldham? Is there a historical
can accept multi-denomination notes but only pay reason?
out a couple of small denominations, say $1 and $5.
The SMART Payout can payout any denomination it AT: Innovative Technology began in Oldham,
has accepted. England in 1992 with the Invention of the NV1
The SMART Payout will set new standards for note Smiley Banknote Validator (so named because of its
payout units, bringing automated payment design). Invented by the founder and now Chairman
technology into the 21st Century. of Innovative Technology, David Bellis MBE, the
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