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damaged or bent coins can also be paid out; a factor
that has in the past often led to coin jams.
Excel Casino Hoppers
The industry-standard casino hopper with bowl
capacities of up to and over 2000 coins couples
high-speed payout with security and reliability. This
product is available in a number of designs, giving
manufacturers flexibility in design and the piece of
mind in having a product that has proven itself over
decades in the gaming industry.
The Evolution Hopper
Although being relatively
new to market, this belt-
driven hopper is already
becoming a hit due to a set
of new benefits. The sturdy
NCR motor ensures longevity and
the coin optics PCB are
NCR has a suite of cash handling products to help mounted on one board that
casino operators and manufacturers. To lead off, the can be removed for
NCR SelfServ ATM/TITO Jackpot kiosk enables cleaning. This reliability
players to purchase gaming tickets for use on any slot has been coupled with
machine and redeem their winnings in cash once longevity and serviceability.
they have finished playing. The Evolution has a coin
Meanwhile, the NCR SelfServ Cash Office solution capacity of up to 1100
automates the process of dispensing and depositing coins and has a payout rate
banknotes and coin floats, which speeds up the start of four coins per second.
and end-of-day cash reconciliation processes. This Customers can choose from
also increases accuracy and improves security as the a parallel or cctalk interface.
cash is counted in the closed unit and not in an open
environment. The FutureLogic GEN2 Universal Printer
Finally, NCR’s Near Field Communications FutureLogic was the company that invented the
technology makes it easier to get information, to pay thermal barcode printer for TITO and thus has set
for goods and services, to use transport and to share the standard in the industry, being the preferred
data using a mobile phone or device. Payment and selection with
ticketing applications were one of the first drivers for discerning
the creation of the NFC (near field communications) manufacturers
standard. NFC enables smartcard payment and smart and operators
ticketing scenarios allowing NFC-enabled devices to around the world.
be used as a ‘mobile wallet’. Consumers may use their The GEN2 printer is
NFC-enabled devices as their travel cards, event well established in the
tickets or credit cards. Ultimately this could replace industry with more
the myriad of credit, debit, loyalty, pre-paid and other than a million units in the
cards that people carry in their wallets today. field. The recently released GEN 2
Universal printer offers the same great
Suzo Happ reliability as the GEN 2 as well as being server-based
ready with a dedicated USB port. With its three
Suzo happ has an extended selection of products to communication ports the GEN2 Universal can
cover a range of cash handling solutions. These connect with the game and SMIB to run targeted
include: promotional campaigns. Add to this the largest
standard ticket capacity available and you have
The Escendo Hopper efficiency as well as innovation.
The ideal solution when coin payout has to be
diverted upwards in the machine. For example, in The FutureLogic Coupon Xpress
slant top slots it has always been a challenge to divert FutureLogic’s Coupon Xpress will add style and
the coins upwards. The positioning of the monitor function to your ticketing services at the Cash Desk.
does not allow a standard hopper to be fitted. The Available in four finishes from Mahogany to Carbon
hopper must be below but the coins still have to be Fibre, CouponXpress offers multi-port, durable
paid out next to the monitor. Nearly five years of housing and high speed printing capability, allowing
development has resulted in the Escendo hopper casinos to serve customers even quicker than before.
with its unique brush track system. In this way The Coupon Xpress is available from May 2009.
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