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abies do it instinctively. Athletes learn it from the job, it’s likely that your posture doesn’t follow
their trainers. But office workers, focused on Grandma’s edict, “Sit up straight!” Sloppy posture
their jobs and not on their bodies per se, often pay equals aching back muscles.
the price of poor posture and remaining in one
position too long: back pain. Get Back to Health
Follow these seven steps for preventing back pain
Back pain is endemic and epidemic to the office. and healing the pain you may already have. You
At any given time, more than 31 million Americans might also post these tips on your company blog
suffer from lower back pain. or bulletin board. Your colleagues—and their more
mobile bodies—will thank you.
Fortunately, your aching back doesn’t also have to
be a pain in the neck. It’s not a condition you or 1. Hit your knees. The prayer posture is good for
your colleagues have to live with, nor do you need your back as well. Suggest that your company
to switch careers. Instead, learn the root cause of invest in ergonomic kneeling chairs, and
back pain. Then, take simple steps to correct the adjust your computer keyboard and monitor
imbalance. accordingly. Kneeling chairs cause your body
to naturally adopt a straighter posture, which
The Hip Bone’s Connected to the Leg Bone … would please Grandma no end.
Bodies are wonderfully adaptive marvels of 2. Follow the bouncing ball. Balance ball chairs
engineering. When you sit for hours on end, your are another great way to keep your body
hips and pelvis get the message to adapt to this moving, which also keeps your creative juices
position. Unlike action that works these muscles, flowing. Take a leaf from children and wriggle
such as walking or stretching, sitting causes the hip around on your ball chair. More bounce to the
flexors to tighten and your buttocks to grow weak ounce means healthier hips and a happier spine.
from being in a relaxed state. 3. Emulate an octopus. When you sit in a regular
chair, keep your legs moving: sometimes
And even though you’re outstretched, sometimes bent, sometimes
probably no slouch on tucked under you. The important point is not to
be sedentary in one position for too long.
4. Take a tip from Pavlov. Train yourself to
stand at the sound of a bell—in this case,
your phone’s peal. Every time you make or
receive a call, stand up and move about
your office. If you have something to read
offline, stand up to do it. Be sure to move
your body at least once every quarter hour.
5. Start off on the right foot. Footwear has a
lot to do with how you move, and whether
or not you’ll develop back pain. Aside from
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