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uccessful people seem to be born with an in- what happens next. When you actively make 6. Take the less traveled path. Robert Frost
side track. Whatever they touch turns to gold, choices that support your vision of yourself and wrote about choosing the road less traveled.
the right people magically appear to assist them your business, success is a natural byproduct. Highways are often the quickest and best way
and, before you know it, their business is a house- to get where you need to go, yet sometimes the
hold name. 2. Make beliefs. As children, we “made believe.” back roads hold unexpected gifts. When you’re
In truth, we all possess the power to create As adults, we “make beliefs.” Henry Ford said, “If heading down a certain trail, map in hand, and
lives—and businesses—that fulfill our dreams. you believe that you can do a thing, or if you be- come to an unexpected fork, consider the de-
Here are ten tips that extraordinary leaders in all lieve you cannot, in either case, you are right.” tour.
fields of endeavor usually practice: Keep raising the bar on what you believe is pos-
sible for your life and business. 7. Try another way. Mistakes are one of the fast-
1. Become response-able. Responsibility re- est roads to wisdom. The key lies in recognizing
quires the ability to respond. Every action—or 3. You’ll see it when you believe it. Just be- that something isn’t working and then chang-
lack thereof—is a choice you make, and affects cause something hasn’t happened yet doesn’t ing a component of your strategy. Ben Franklin
mean it won’t. Human will and creativity are once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over
boundless. We’ve walked on the moon, bro- and over and expecting different results.” Try an-
ken the sound barrier, cloned cells, and created other way.
ways to communicate across the globe instanta-
neously. Let your imagination wander. The pos- 8. Lights, camera, ACTION! It’s better to take
sibilities are endless. action than to keep trying to perfect the formu-
la. Take your idea out into the world...then refer
Do you have a plan for success?
4. Use “no” as a stepping stone. If at first you back to points #4 and #7 as you’re experiment-
don’t succeed...think about what needs to be ad- ing.
• Business Plans
justed. Consider a baby learning to walk. They’re
relentless, picking themselves up, taking a few 9. You are what you think. Napoleon Hill’s
• Investor Presentations
steps, falling, and then trying again and again. classic, Think and Grow Rich has been a best-
• Business Guidance
Are you willing to be as fearless now as when seller for nearly 70 years. In essence, he teaches
• Affordable
you were a child? As creative? Are you willing people the power of their own minds to create
to do what it takes to reach your ultimate goal? wealth by focusing on possibility (see point #3)
• Compelling
Turn every “no” into a positive next step. rather than limitation. Train your mind to expect
30 minute
5. Define success—for you. Success means
something radically different to everyone. What 10. Listen to the “still, small voice.” Trust
will it look like for you? Write down a clear def- your intuition. If you’re following your heart, and
inition of personal success, and place it some- practicing all of the above, your inner voice will
where you’ll see it often. A daily reminder helps steer you true.
keep you on track.
Adapted from Ten Things Successful People Know That
You Don’t by Marta Z. Kagan • 703-243-8456
April 2009 11
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