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Data Recovery:
Do you trust your hard drive?
our hard drive fails, and you feel like your out interrupting user access. In addition, it auto-
house just burned down. Some of your most matically rebuilds the data from the failed fourth
important information and data is on your drive when its replacement is installed. This so-
computer, and losing it means losing lution costs about $550 for a 500-gigabyte unit
years worth of work ... (
Back in 2000, many computer 3. Ontrack Data Recovery: this ser-
users had a brief glimpse into vice offers personalized data re-
hard-drive panic as proph- covery remotely. Custom-
esies of gloom and doom ers can choose to ship
accompanied Y2K nu- their drives to Ontrack
merology. In response, or work with a techni-
many of these users took to cian online to reconstruct
heart the decade-long adage of data. The latter is often avail-
IT technicians everywhere: “Back up able on the same day you call
your hard drive!” with a problem. This solution ini-
Prevention is still the best method for preserv- tially costs $100 for a drive inspec-
ing your data. It’s also much faster than it used to tion and rises proportionately with the
be, since computer users have switched from tape problem’s severity.
drives to secondary and tertiary hard drives. 4. GetDataBack: this program, like Ontrack, at-
But sometimes, or maybe even oftentimes, your tempts to recover as much data as possible and
How Do You Gain Access?
computer gets out of hand, and you need a reli- save it to a different hard drive, but will not be
able solution to storage problems. useful if your computer doesn’t even recognize
Access to the people and tools to grow your business is
critical. The National Association of Women Business
What follows is a guide to hard drive recovery the drive as mounted. If your operating system Owners, Greater DC Chapter provides that access.
listed from most expensive to least expensive. does list the device, however, there is a free edi-
NAWBO Greater DC is the result of a merger of the
Note that all these solutions are at their most ef- tion that you can try first before purchasing the
Nation’s Capital Chapter and Northern Virginia Chapter—
fective when you keep your hard drive(s) defrag- software at $80 (
two local chapters that have helped businesses like yours
thrive. Together, we can provide more of what you need:
mented: 5. Norton SystemWorks: if you think your hard
Access to educational programs twice a month,
1. Boutique recovery firms: technicians who drive still has some life left in it, try Norton Sys-
including the Entrepreneurial Excellence series, Ask the
specialize in this area are often quite effective, temWorks. This program can often repair cor-
Experts series, and Speaker/Author series.
especially when computer equipment is de- rupted files, but does write to the damaged
Access to the AwardAssist program, in which NAWBO
Greater DC nominates businesses for industry awards.
stroyed by fire or water. This solution can run disk, which can cause long-term problems. This n Access to a network of successful women business
into the thousands of dollars. solution costs about $70.
owners who want to help you thrive.
2. Yellow Machine by Anthology Solutions: Yel-

Visit our web site at to learn about
low Machine is a backup system that distributes
Adapted from Bringing Data Back From the Dead by Daniel
upcoming programs and member benefits.
data over four drives. If one fails, the configuration
Greenberg NAWBO Greater DC
2308 Mt. Vernon Ave., #748
maintains the data on the other three drives with-
Alexandria, VA 22301
703.683.5655 |
 ThinkBusiness April 2009  Greater DC
Seasoned insight for businesses on the move.
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