Sig Sauer Backup Revolver Ammo

The revolver is still used off-duty.

Introduced in mid-2014, Sig Sauer Elite Performance ammo is available in the most popular police-oriented auto pistol calibers. Since then, requests to Sig Sauer

have been for the police-oriented revolver calibers. There are lots of S&W Chief’s Specials and M&P Bodyguards; Ruger GP-101s and LCRs; Colt Detective Specials; and Charter Arms Undercovers and Bulldogs still in use. In late-2015, Sig Sauer announced new Elite Performance V-Crown® JHP duty and FMJ training loads for the classic re- volver concealed-carry calibers: 38 Special +P, 357 Magnum, 44 Special and 44 Special. Sig Sauer now has a V-Crown JHP load for every popular handgun caliber from 380 Auto to 45 Colt. Elite Performance ammo is made

by L-Tech Enterprises in Kentucky to Sig Sauer specifi cations. They have been loading custom ammo for more than 20 years. During the development process of Elite Per- formance ammo, Sig Sauer Acad- emy instructors fi red thousands of rounds of ammo, so it has already been tested in countless offi cer- involved and off-duty shooting scenarios.

By Lt. Ed Sanow

rounded bullet profi le for more reliable feeding, including from revolver speedloaders.

FBI Gelatin Testing While these are obviously off-duty calibers for nearly all police and sheriff’s departments, this Sig Sauer ammo has passed the FBI gela- tin test protocol for police duty ammo: Bare Gelatin, Heavy Clothes, Sheetrock, Plywood, Auto Glass, Car Bodies. As a double check, we test fi red some of the new 38 Special +P 125-grain V-Crown JHP ammo into bare gelatin, and then into heavily clothed gelatin. In bare gelatin, the V-Crown JHP ex-

The Elite Performance V-Crown JHP that works so well from on-duty auto pistols is now available for off-duty revolver calibers.

panded to 0.58-inch, beating the ammo industry goal of 150 percent, or 0.54-inch. Even from the shorter, 2-inch barrel, the V- Crown expanded to a perfect mushroom measuring 0.53-inch. As in our previous tests of Sig Sauer Elite Performance ammo, heavy clothes

had almost no effect on expansion or pen- etration when the 38 Special +P 125 grain V-Crown JHP was fi red from a 4-inch bar- rel. We almost could not tell which bullet hit

V-Crown JHP Bullet The Sig Sauer Elite Performance ammo uses a pre-stressed, lead core, jacketed hollowpoint. During this JHP bullet making process, a special tool slices the leading edge of the lead core into six sections. Then the lead core is pressed back together to look like an ordinary JHP. Since the V-Crown JHP bullet has been pre-cut in six areas, during expansion the lead core simply peels back along the areas where it has been pre-weakened. This allows the bullet to expand easier to larger recovered diameters and also slows expansion after a certain amount for the maximum retained weight. The V-Crown JHP bullet has two hollowpoint cavities: a shallow, V-shaped main cavity on top of a deep but narrow I-shaped cavity. With this dual cavity design, the hollowpoint cavity is less likely to get plugged with heavy clothes. The sec- ond cavity walls are thicker and less likely to be mangled by auto glass and car bodies. The smaller cavity allows a more

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bare gelatin and which one penetrated heavy clothes fi rst. The ex- pansion and penetration were virtually identical. The results were not quite as good against heavy clothes from a 2-inch revolver.

44 Special The 44 Special is still a favorite among hardcore handgunners. Sig Sauer started with the classic 240 grain bullet, then decreased the weight to increase the velocity lost from short barrels. Specifi cally designed for 2 1/2-inch revolvers, their new 200 grain JHP has a velocity of 700 fps. This V-Crown is the heaviest of the 44 Special loads that still expands and penetrates in FBI tests like the rest of their Elite Performance ammo. Bottom line? Elite Performance ammo has reliable expansion and adequate penetration against common police obstacles like heavy clothes and auto glass. The Sig Sauer Elite Performance ammo that works so well in on-duty pistols is now available for many revolvers.

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