FOCUS Rugged & Semi-Rugged Laptops & Notebooks

Data911 Data911

The Data911 TX1 Rugged Tablet PC is the lightest rugged 11.6- inch tablet available with Intel fourth-generation Core i5 and i7 processors. It features a sunlight-readable multi-touch display, includes 802.11 AC WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and is drop and weather resistant. It has programmable capacitive buttons on the front to launch critical applications with a single touch as well as confi gurable auto-dimming via software. The tablet is offered with an optional vehicular docking station specifi cally designed around occupant safety and user ergonomics. The Data911 TX1 Tablet was designed with input from their

public safety customers utilizing the familiar Windows 7 or Win- dows 8 operating system. Data911 will load agency’s Microsoft Windows Enterprise licenses prior to shipment. The TX1 tablet in- cludes a three-year warranty with an available extended warranty. Data911 has also released the fi rst M7+ Multi-Touch Display de-

signed specifi cally for emergency vehicles. The M7+ Display is ex- tremely rugged, sunlight readable and supports touch, swipe, fl ick or pinch and zoom even with the gloved hands of public safety personnel. The Display is also compatible with a non-powered stylus pen – no batteries or electric cords are required. The M7+ Display features dedicated programmable, back-

lit function buttons. These buttons can be used for functions such as emergency calls, toggling between applications, Stealth Mode, Monitor Blank and more. The Blank on Motion feature disallows use while driving to promote maximum safety. How- ever, Data911 incorporated a user override with pre-set time limits for instances when responders require immediate access to information while on the move. The Stealth Mode allows the display to function without a backlight in situations when the responder must be undetected. The M7+ Display also features an integrated Bluetooth Transceiver, which supports wireless keyboards, fi ngerprint readers and other Bluetooth devices without the need for an additional antenna. The M7+ Multi-Touch Display was engineered to be compat-

ible with Data911’s M7 CPU as well as with all next-generation CPUs in support of the ongoing effort to make the job of saving lives as safe and effective as possible.

14 LAW and ORDER I April 2016 Datalux Datalux

Building on years of success with the Tracer fixed mount PC solution, Datalux has now added a removable product to the lineup. The Datalux TM110 was engineered to pro- vide superior and durable functionality in vehicle deploy- ments, while still being a highly portable tablet that can be quickly removed from the vehicle. The TM110 is powered by the latest Intel Core i5 or Core

i7 processor. It has a large, sunlight readable 11.6-inch screen that has over 25 percent more viewable area than popular 10.1-inch tablets (making it truly readable by the driver when mounted near the dash). The brilliant HD dis- play is easily viewed in direct sunlight or bright vehicle interiors. Designed to MIL-STD 810G, the durable construc- tion (with reinforced chassis) handles the tough environ- ments of law enforcement and public safety in or outside the vehicle. Yet, at just 2.7 pounds, it’s one of the lightest, fully rugged tablets on the market, with an 11.6-inch screen. The utility of this new rugged tablet is further enhanced

by multiple options for security and data collection; these include readers for barcode, RFID, smartcard and finger- prints. In addition, the TM110 tablet is available with built- in 4G LTE cellular connectivity (Gobi 5000). Two antenna output connectors enable the connection of a roof mount antenna for increased reception. For customers currently using the Tracer fixed product

and Datalux TRU-Mount…an adapter is available that enables the TM110 tablet and vehicle dock to become a drop-in replacement for the Tracer. The TRU-Mount pro- vides stable and ergonomic mounting in standard police vehicles without restricting the passenger seat area, even in today’s smaller vehicles. The TM110 rugged tablet is also offered with Datalux’s innovative TRU-Keyboard that can be singlehandedly clipped and unclipped from the vehicle mount.

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