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sponders use their personal smart- phones to do their jobs, certain companies are creating applications specifi cally for police offi cers. From basic mapping apps to specifi c legal information apps, there are many smartphone applications that can aid police offi cers in their daily du- ties. Here are a few must-have Public Safety Apps in 2016.

censes and other identifi cation doc- uments, determining if the ID is authentic and returns real-time results, instantly returning query results from DOL/DMV, State and Federal criminal justice databases. These results include terrorist watch lists, wants, warrants, BOLOS, photos, vehicle/weapon reg- istration information, and a wealth of additional critical information. Law ID is a real-time citizen and offi cer safety tool, available now.

records like jail bookings, most wanted lists, sex offenders, and warrants. For law enforcement, the app serves as an additional news avenue to reach juris- dictions, as well as a source of crime tips and offender sightings, which pro- motes community policing.

Police Spanish Guide iOS, Android; Free

Intellicheck Law ID iOS, Android, Smartphones and Tablets (see company for pricing)

Whenever an offi cer makes contact with an unknown individual, the safety of both the offi cer and the individual is of paramount concern. Intellicheck’s law en- forcement solutions reduce the risks that come with these encounters by instantly authenticating an individual’s identifi ca- tion and sending criminal history queries to law enforcement databases. Since critical data fi elds of the query responses are clearly highlighted, an of- fi cer can quickly view the information returned from DMV and criminal re- cords on their mobile device. That means minimal loss of visual contact during the ID search, without the need to return to a vehicle to input the contact’s data. In- tellicheck’s law enforcement solutions also reduce an offi cer’s time spent fi lling out reports—while increasing the accu- racy of those reports—by automatically populating form fi elds with the data re- trieved during the ID search. Law ID extracts data from the 2D barcode information from driver li- iOs, Apple Watch, Android, Windows 8, Tablets; $2.99

Public Eye (formerly Police Pad)

This app is geared for law enforcement looking to log shifts without paper and pen. By creating custom events, offi cers can digitally save the time and location of an incident, all while taking pictures or adding notes. Most importantly, the app can then generate PDF reports of the shift, shareable through e-mail for supervisors or commanders. This app offers real-time alerts, video surveillance, nearby hazards and objects, persons of interest, and also has Twitter/ social media integration. Other valuable features include live video streaming and digital radio functionality.

MobilePatrol Android, Free

MobilePatrol partners with law en- forcement and public safety agencies and connects users to important news and other safety alerts. By setting up a neighborhood via zip code, MobilePa- trol forwards information from law enforcement agencies serving that zip code into user news feeds. The app allows 24/7 access to public

Say you are a police offi cer or law en- forcement provider and you need to communicate with a Spanish-speaking person—well, there is an App for that! The Police Spanish Guide is a tool de- signed for non-Spanish speaking police offi cers to quickly ascertain vital infor- mation from their Spanish-speaking subjects. With a simple click on the specifi c question or phrase an offi cer wishes to ask, the app generates an audio version of that question. From routine traffi c stops to answer-

ing emergency situations, including fi eld sobriety tests, law enforcement professionals have enough challenges without the added complication of a language barrier. Available topics/ basic questions include routine traffi c stop, traffi c and driving violations, fi eld sobriety (DUI/DWI), lost child, domes- tic disputes, interrogation, and Miranda Rights. All questions are given with a ‘yes/no answer’ option to make the ‘dialogue’ easier for the police offi cer.

Tactical Police Table iOS, Android; $9.99

With Tactical Police Table, you can draw up training scenarios, conduct after-action reviews, and share that information with your unit. Drop dozens of tactical icons on satellite maps and draw tactical plans on your own images, then play back, pause, 37

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