FOCUS The Future of LMR Radio Systems

Photo courtesy of Motorola Solutions.

to 9-1-1 capabilities. “This would involve IP routing, which would refi ne and improve the course of service.” Airbus makes it their utmost priority to focus on their customers. “We try to focus on understanding where our customers are,” Nogueira commented. “When a customer makes an invest-

ment, we want to be sure they can uti- lize the product well. When they are familiar with the type of product, they do not have to learn new things and they are already aware of the plan.” This type of manufacturing benefi ts all who are going to be using the product. In the world of public safety, implementing a system that staff is already familiar with makes everyone’s job easier. Since the world of technology is ever- changing, having a system that is up to date, effi cient, yet easy to work with is crucial. The goal of Airbus is to encourage communication and to provide depart- ments with more choices when it comes to communication systems. “A new trend that is being seen across the nation is hav- ing all services in one spot,” Nogueira said. This type of system would be connected through a common IP.

22 LAW and ORDER I April 2016 By having one place from where the

system is routed provides a common path to communication for traffi c, patrol, and other areas of the department. VESTA also provides mapping services that are part of the VESTA SMS or short message ser- vice. VESTA SMS also allows text calls to be taken in departments as it supports the Text Control Center service. The VESTA mapping system is another advancement for public safety commu- nication. This product is an upgrade to VESTA Analytic Solution, making those who are familiar with the older system much more comfortable with the new. This is due to the fact the maps provided are up to date and offer the capability for users to transfer information to an entirely different department while still maintaining the line of communication with the caller. The mapping system is another form of advancement in public safety communica- tions because it can help dispatchers be alert and warn fi rst responders of details such as road conditions. Each of these new VESTA products are upgrades of already estab- lished systems. This brings an additional advantage to customers since most will al-

ready be familiar with the format of VESTA. Modern technology has brought about

new possibilities for public safety com- munications. “More media types offer more ways for offi cers to share commu- nications with those in the fi eld as well as those in the offi ce,” Gutherie said. The traditional roles of communication have been amplifi ed from a basic system to a more complex and intelligent one. “The basic databases can be redefi ned, offering new, contextual and analytical ways of sharing important information.” Investing in systems such as these al-

lows departments and agencies across the nation to reach a wider area for respond- ing. This benefi ts all involved and serves as an aid to fi re, police and EMT units. With the growth of our nation as well as our communities, there comes more crime and heightened chances for other emergency situations. This means there should be more effi -

cient systems implemented in departments. Companies such as Airbus DS Communica- tions and Motorola are doing their best to create products that help fi rst responders be the most effi cient they can be.

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