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Finding His Faith

David Brody explores the president’s surprising spiritual life

TRUMP FINDS HIS FAITH Donald Trump stood behind Israel by declaring Jerusalem the capital. Obama didn’t. This president is more in tune with faith issues than Obama, to the benefi t of the country. Those of faith should stand behind the president as he faces attacks from all sides.

gerald hinderer Flagstaff , Ariz.

MORE ON TRUMP’S FAITH We are an increasingly progressive and secular nation, resulting in a decaying moral abyss. Our cherished freedoms are being destroyed. Wake up to reality, America. leonard henderson Fort Jeff erson, N.Y.

FIGHTING THE DEEP STATE To have a magazine of your stature confi rm that a Deep State exists is signifi cant (“Killing the Deep State,” March). During the last couple of years, it seems the Deep State consists of globalists who don’t want to see America succeed. Their policies actually hurt U.S. citizens and workers. I embrace and appreciate President Trump’s “America fi rst” agenda. We must remain politically engaged; our survival depends on it. richard pompa Pico Rivera, Calif.

Can our current president vanquish the D.C. swamp? It took at least 70 years to create it. I would say the odds are against our survival. The swamp doesn’t always win, though. Now Donald Trump, more than anything, is exposing the swamp’s depth. If Trump can survive eight years in offi ce, can we fi nd enough new patriots to take his place to continue this fi ght?

donald hase Sarasota, Fla.

6 NEWSMAX | MAY 2018

ROSEANNE IS A HACK I am disappointed that you chose to feature Roseanne Barr’s show (“Blue Collar Red Meat”) in your April 2018 edition of Newsmax. No matter how she is portrayed

to support our president, I can’t get out of my mind the bad memory of how she disrespected our fl ag and National Anthem by making a mockery of the before-game tradition between the Padres and Red Sox in 1990. I was there, in my Navy uniform. She was booed and jeered. President Trump does not need her kind of support, and you should not have portrayed her as being anything but a Hollywood rerun grasping for an encore of her long lost limelight. dennis flynn Rio Grande, N.J.

TAX-CUT TALK At fi rst blush, your story “The Tax Cut’s Big Losers: Blue-State Governors” (March), seems very gratifying. The liberals are fi nally getting their comeuppance in regard to taxation. However, there is a very dark

side to that same story. With the hypocritical liberals fl eeing high- tax blue states to the conservative red state tax havens like Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, and Florida, it’s possible that those red states will eventually turn purple — or even blue. paul linkenheimer Rio Rancho, N.M.

In your “Tax Cut” article, you quote Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif., as saying about the tax cut, “It is evil in the extreme.” I’ve been a California resident since 1949 and saw the Democrats take the majority in the legislature in 1970. They’ve held on ever since. What Democratic governors, including Brown, have done to this state through excessive taxation and regulation, while using the Environmental Protection Agency as a bludgeon, describes them as evil in the extreme.

david bushlow Beaumont, Calif.

The GOP is willing to spend $1 trillion for a few votes. When all is said and done, tax cuts will add $1 trillion to the defi cit. Those in the Republican Party don’t care as long as they can get re-elected. In the end, typical Americans will get only a 1 percent, temporary decrease in their federal income tax. Meanwhile, the rich will continue reaping billions. Investors and the wealthy will profi t, while the middle class and poor lose. lara tims Elkhart, Ind.

MORE CITY CAMERAS In the March issue, “Cities Mandate Convenience Store Surveillance,” The story asks, “Should convenience stores be required by law to install cameras to keep customers safe?” The unequivocal answer is yes. At one convenience store gas

station, as I went inside to pay for my gas, my purse was stolen. I never heard or saw the thief open my vehicle’s door. I still fi nd it hard to believe that all convenience stores don’t have surveillance cameras. joy martin Grapeland, Texas

GUNS IN FLORIDA Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott (“Florida Governor: Race of the Year,” April) would do well to remember that

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