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If you see the Guild emblem you can be sure that you will be working with a trusted tradesman who is highly skilled, reliable and accountable.

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Brand aid: Making the most of your company branding


PEOPLE easily make assumptions about businesses based on their branding. That’s why building and designing a brand is vital to the success of a business and why branding mistakes can be costly.

With the advent of social media, branding has taken on a whole new level of importance in the daily running of a business as customers now follow, interact with and post about businesses every day online.

This means you need to be visible online, creating interesting and engaging content that will compel followers to choose you when they need a craftsperson. Remember that even if you aren’t engaging online, you can bet that your competitors are.

Points to consider When considering your brand online, the


fi rst thing to think about is your profi le picture. This could be for your Facebook page, Instagram account or for your own website. It is often the fi rst thing a potential customer will see so it needs to hook them, draw them in and tell them about your company. Logos can work well but make sure it is clear what the business off ers.

If your logo isn’t suitable, then try a photo. A job well done is one good option, as long as it is clear what job has been done. A staff photo is another option – but make sure everyone looks professional, wearing branded clothing where possible and include tools of the trade to get the message across.

Images are also vital to social media as regular posts to entertain and inform your followers. Good, professional photographs give a strong message of competence and style, but poor photographs do anything but instil confi dence. If you or a staff

member is handy with a camera or good quality camera phone then that’s ideal but paying a professional photographer to document your work will give you an array of stunning images that you can use across social media, websites and printed brochures.

A fi nal note on images: format them in RGB (Red Green Blue) rather than print-ready CMYK format and save them this way, otherwise the colours will display incorrectly. Aim for 72 dpi (dots per inch) and try to keep the fi le size under 1mb (megabyte). Again, consider getting assistance from a professional or knowledgeable staff member. They will be able to format all your images accordingly, so all you need do is share them with your legion of followers!

Close on the heels of imagery, is the text. Every blog post, tweet or Facebook comment should be carefully considered and checked for spelling and grammar.

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