Creating a healthier, more sustainable working environment at Dustcontrol UK Sustainability

By JAMES MILLER, Director at Dustcontrol UK


OUNDED in 1972 with the idea of manufacturing extraction systems to capture dust and other harmful pollutants at their

source, Dustcontrol has had a core focus on creating a healthier working environment for businesses from the off set.

We specialise in creating solutions that can capture and prevent hazardous dust from being inhaled by workers in the manufacturing, engineering, food processing, construction and demolition industries, ensuing the air they breathe is a pure as it can be.

With a strong ethos on the environment and sustainability (we’ve recently employed people to solely focus on improving these issues) our high-quality range of mobile and static extraction systems and air cleaners are durable, energy effi cient and long-lasting.

All Dustcontrol’s mobile products are certifi ed and are built to application class H for a no-compromise approach, meaning they off er a higher degree of fi ltration and a fi lter leakage of less than 0.005%.

It’s not just our products we focus on improving either, as we invest a lot in creating a safe, secure and healthy working environment for our own staff too, resulting in fewer absences due to illness and more effi cient production.

Looking at the current climate, it is both an important and exciting time for new ideas around how to better protect the environment during production, and drive sustainability across all of our subsidiary facilities in Germany, Austria, the UK, the US, and Finland.

Dustcontrol is continually looking at ways in which it can minimise the release of dust, fl uids, and other hazardous particles into the environment.

Our environmental policy complies with current environmental legislation, rules, requirements, and standards, and we carefully adhere to the EU’s Reach and RoHS directives in order to minimise our use of chemicals. With the help of Lean production, we continuously evaluate our processes and look to improve our overall effi ciency, while training our employees in better understanding our green goals.

All of our products have been designed with repairability, recyclability and energy effi ciency in mind, with many of our high- quality models featuring energy- saving motors with auto-start functionality to reduce energy consumption.

In fact, our Green System off ers energy savings of 40 to 90 per cent, helping our customers reduce their electricity costs and improve their overall environmental eff orts.

We manufacture products that are repairable and designed to have long life cycles, while ensuring accessories and spare parts are readily available for many years after specifi c models are no longer manufactured.

Furthermore, when choosing

materials and components, we look at local suppliers in order to reduce shipping costs and, more importantly, our environmental footprint.


The removal of dust from the workplace isn’t just a workplace and health issue, it’s also a business issue, so the cleaner the work environment, the better the end result.

We know fi rst-hand that employees are the heart of a business, which is why maintaining a good work environment is vital for business success.

Overall, at Dustcontrol, we are not satisfi ed with just selling products. We aspire to manufacture and customise high-quality portable dust extractors and industrial extraction systems with very high levels of fi ltration in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible.

If you would like to fi nd out more about how we can help your company control and prevent the spread of dust, please give our friendly team a call on 01327 858001, or email

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