Busting dust with The Preparation Group

FOR eff ective collection of dust, debris and contaminants, the motor effi ciency, suction levels, power, fi ltration rating, dust collection type and capacity must all match the intended task.

The 202DSLP from The Preparation Group is probably the most versatile industrial vacuum on the market. It is robust, durable, built from steel and has high fi ltration standards and airfl ow. For safe extraction of all dust particles and to avoid any handling of dust, it features a Longopac® safe bagging system. Instead of emptying a ‘bin’, debris is collected into a continuous feeding bag which is then sealed into manageable bags for disposal. Fitted with an easy change ‘M’ fi lter as standard, ‘H’ fi lters are also available for containment of very fi ne dust particles that can be harmful, including asbestos.

To save energy the 202DSLP features two motors that are individually

powered, allowing the operator to select the level required for the specifi c task. Statistics show that for most daily operations, 80% of the time only 50% of the available power is needed without impeding suction capacity and performance. Compact in design, the vacuum has an adjustable height mechanism for transportation and storage.

Said Kate Walshaw, Group Hire Manager: “The 202DSLP can be used stand-alone or attached to small equipment such as our STG450, 200 Planer, 215 Shotblaster or new 250SP Grinder to remove dust directly during fl oor preparation works. It is essential in dust critical situations and when dealing with hazardous materials.”

For further information or a demonstration call The Preparation Group on 01522 561460 or visit


Right through the Spring/Summer months Buckz Viz hi-viz styles bring crucial see and be seen safety to the workplace round the clock and in all weathers. They’re waterproof too for the odd time it rains.

The Cordura®

Buckz Viz • Available in lace, lace/zipper and dealer boot styles

• Cordura® EN safety yellow or orange with reflective piping

• Cowhide leather uppers • Certified to EN standards S3 HRO SRC • Waterproof

• Composite safety toecap • Anti-penetration midsole • Antistatic • Non-metallic specification • Non-marking rubber outsole with heat (300°C 60 secs) and oil resistance (HRO) and maximum test anti-slip resistance (SRC)

Available from Mid May onwards. Call 01382 82 82 00 or email 24

standards for colour,

fluorescent fabric complies with EN 20471 fluorescence and chromaticity.

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