and TurntableTrucks, and has even introduced the all-new InstaGate: a multi-purpose, eye-catching modular crowd control barrier.

“Over the last three years, we have delivered an ever-increasing number of product launches,” Matt Partridge said. “As a brand, Armorgard has come a long way. It is no longer known as just a storage box company; it is now the on-site construction equipment company.

“You can only achieve that by listening to your customers. For example, we know dust is a hot topic for contractors, so last year we added extraction capabilities to the CuttingStation. This year we have launched the FlexiKart for manual handling to help prevent musculoskeletal issues. We also plan to develop more patentable products like last year’s CuttingStation, which enables us to really push the boundaries of innovation.”

With a product range encompassing more than 130 products, which are sold through a network of distributors including tool and plant hire outlets and builders merchants, Armorgard has successfully established a position at the forefront of the market, designing and manufacturing solutions for key UK sectors including construction, rail, landscape and ground maintenance, vehicle and building fi t-out.

sector. This success in a very competitive marketplace is a direct result of the company’s practical

application of our three core business beliefs to everything we do: innovation, quality and safety.

“We believe quality and safety should not be sacrifi ced in the creative process. But of course, design and functionality are what makes a product remarkable, and we are fully invested in leading the customer experience game by clearly understanding the marketplace and, more importantly, the diff ering needs of the end users, and the challenges they face accessing the best solutions.

“Making life easier for those who use our products is at the core of our design thinking, and we are proud to use the full strength of our R&D capability to set new standards in design and manufacturing,” Terry

Armorgard Xtra initiative. This includes product trials, demonstrations, group training, and workshops, for both hirers and end users.

As a brand, Armorgard has come a long way. It is no longer known as just a storage box company; it is now the on-site construction equipment company.

According to Armorgard Managing Director Terry Mitchell, the company’s customer experience driven long-term focus is a by-product of the R&D focus of the founder Paul Mitchell who had the vision of designing and building the ultimate secure storage box over 30 years ago. The result was Strongbank, Armorgard’s fi rst product.

“This was the birth of today’s global brand,” Terry Mitchell said. “And we have grown to become a key player in the specialist hire equipment

Mitchell added. “Armorgard has always believed quality product innovations can truly enhance everyday life, and this commitment has helped us reinvent so called 'industry standard’ products.

“Similarly, we believe customers should expect more from new products in terms of user experience. If you truly understand the customer and their needs, only then can you design around that clarity.”

Armorgard takes a hands- on approach to market research, through its

“We always do our best to listen to the trends and issues which occur on site,” said Matt Partridge. “In addition to designing and manufacturing products that make life easier, safer and more productive for end users, we have a strong focus on adding value for hirers, i.e. products that deliver exceptional ROI for distributors.

“We engage in ‘show and tell’ activities with

product demonstrations on site. It is the best way to get feedback direct from the horse’s mouth. We listen to the problems of existing and potential customers on a daily basis.”

You can fi nd out more about Armorgard and view their current range at

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