PRODUCT REVIEW Hand tools that are Teng out of ten

FOR over 30 years, Teng Tools have been developing hand tools in smart storage systems for demanding professionals around the world. They have become the preferred choice of key industrial users and top motor racing teams who recognise that organisation is key to effi ciency and success.

The Teng Tools concept allows users to build their ultimate tool kit in 3 simple steps: 1. Choose your storage, 2. Choose your tool trays, 3. Click together – Get Organised!

storage systems at a reasonable price. All the tools in the Teng Tools range have

been developed to fi t the ‘Get Organised’ concept. All sets are supplied in plastic cases that click together to fi t perfectly into every tool storage option. This means that each individual tool has its own specifi c place in a tool box. This creates a more effi cient workfl ow and gives the user more time to do what they do best every day. By combining the wide range of storage options available with the extensive range of tool tray sets, an industrial user, mechanic or engineer can create a fully customised tool kit that suits their exact needs.

Many industries now have requirements for their tools to be stored in EVA foam. Teng Tools have developed an extensive range of EVA tool trays that can be used in combination with their clever storage

options to create bespoke tool kits ready for the demands of any

industrial workshop. Once a user follows the ‘Get Organised’ concept with Teng Tools they are ready to achieve their goals and push further than they ever have before.

The ‘Get Organised’ concept is easy for end users to understand. These storage systems have been used by professionals in the toughest environments around the world and are built to last. No details are left to chance when their tool boxes and cabinets are manufactured. Teng Tools off er a complete solution of high-quality tools and


All tools in the range have been manufactured to the ISO / DIN industry standards with continuous comparison testing against other leading brands. With close to 3,000 products in their range, Teng

Tools cater for mechanics, engineers and craftsmen within the industrial, construction and automotive sectors. The result is a reliable product that is easy to diff erentiate from competitors.

The Teng Tools concept of ‘Get Organised’ allows any individual to build their own ultimate tool kit that can grow as their demands and requirements evolve. A user can purchase a complete tool kit storage solution, or they can follow the steps to build a custom tool kit one tool set at a time. This concept ensures repeat purchases and loyal returning customers for any Teng Tools dealer.

When an end user chooses Teng Tools they immediately stand out from the crowd as an individual who is ready to succeed.

To get more information on the Teng Tools ‘Get Organised’ concept or the extensive range of hand tools in smart storage solutions, simply call 015257 11500 or email

A digital version of their catalogue can be found at

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