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Can being in the great outdoors BOOST YOUR HAPPINESS?

long bEforE thE pErpEtual bombardmEnt of Emails, social mEdia, strEssful jobs and consumEr prEssurEs we lived in the great outdoors. Residing amidst trees, water, the sky and the weather… innately embraced by nature. It can be claimed that life was much easier back then. Sure, we lived shorter lives and infant mortality was pretty scary, but psychologically there was simplicity.

bringing all thE fun of thE sEasidE to thE bordErs of East bEdfordshirE, hErtfordshirE and south cambridgEshirE, The Beach @ Bury Lane is the exciting, brand new, children’s adventure zone for ages 0-12 years. The large summer outdoor play area offers diggers, trampolines, bungees, go karts, climbing boulder, sandy beach and much more! The Beach is one of a kind, with a huge range of play equipment for children to enjoy. The fully enclosed safe and secure area is

adjacent to the well-established Bury Lane Fun Barn which means there is an on-site cafe for hot and cold food and drinks, clean toilets and baby change facilities. Outdoors there is an Ice Cream and Refreshments Hut and the Beach Shop provides everything you need from buckets and spades to sun cream lotion. Say goodbye to airport queues and lost luggage and plan your summer holiday days out with the kids at The Beach @ Bury Lane. Visit Bury Lane (A10 Melbourne By-Pass), Melbourne, Royston, or for opening hours and prices visit


Contemporary life can be crammed full of worries; choices, injustices, confusions, congestion and anxieties - many of us struggle to breath under this heaviness. Some search for the antidote, or the alternative, and have discovered the rejuvenating qualities of getting amongst our historical alfresco habitat. Don’t take my word for it. Recent research, at the University of Kansas, suggests that walking or even resting (without devices) amongst nature provides a deep-rooted spiritual type of uplifting effect to our wellbeing. It’s not surprising that when we are amongst nature our bodies, our cognitive minds, and even our

deeper felt senses, go to a place where they feel they truly belong. Relaxation, calmness and an uncluttered mind lead to a sort of freedom that we may find tough to experience in an office, house, an industrial unit, or in a car. It makes sense, if you think about it. Humankind walked (getting our exercise fix and boosting our serotonin and endorphin levels) through grassland and trees gathering food for millions of years. The industrial revolution took us out of the countryside and put us into factories. So, does being in nature allow more free ‘head space’ for you to be closer to the true you, more peaceful - more in the moment - less worried or happier? Many medical professionals and psychologists indicate that human beings have an inborn desire to be part of nature calling this phenomenon ‘Biophilia’. Sometimes, for some of us, modern life can seem a bit of a struggle. Being amongst the flora and fauna renews the mind and soul. The evidence is too compelling to ignore. Take time to get out and go for a walk, or a run, or just sit in the great outdoors. Shane Lutkin is lead Therapist at psychotherapy organisation, Emotionalskills. If you’re struggling with emotional issues, call 07986 488690 or email Visit

EstablishEd in 1760, Gatwards of Hitchin is the oldest family jewellers in the UK having passed through 7 generations of the Gatward family. 258 years since opening, the 8th generation - Charlotte Gatward - is now in the business as her mother Lisa Gatward and aunt, Anna Gatward take a back seat. Over its long history, Gatwards has seen many changes. Originally watch and clock makers, examples of their work is still evident today however, with ladies now at the helm, the emphasis has moved towards jewellery and, thesedays, Gatwards is recognised for fine diamonds and beautiful gem jewellery. Gatwards source jewellery from all over the world as well as the UK, providing the widest ranges to suit all tastes and budgets. Integrity and quality are core values of the business and all Gatwards gem set jewellery is hand selected from conflict free, and award-winning, suppliers and Gatwards are proud to be part of the “Jewellers of Excellence” network. Gatwards also champion British designers and recently launched award-winning designer, Shaun Leane’s range in-store. Shaun Leane is well-known for his long-standing collaboration with Alexander McQueen. Other British designers supported by Gatwards are Andrew Geoghegan, Lucy Quartermaine and former designer from Boodles, Vicki Smith and her Vixi range. The award-winning team at Gatwards work hard to give all our customers a memorable experience when they step into our medieval showroom. Having guided and advised our customers through 8 generations of the same family, maybe your grandparents or even great-great grandparents shopped at Gatwards!

8 County Life

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