Location, Location, Location

Meeting the women behind the family firm

Waterstone Homes The company that Jack Jehu built We spent some time getting to know Mel and Anne- Marie Jehu when they showed us around their beautiful Waterstone homes, one with the best sea views we’ve ever seen, and one overlooking a beautiful city park. We met their respective dogs and below you’ll see that we picked their brains on everything from favourite holiday destinations to what it feels like to be part of an 85 year old family business.

Keeping it in the family

Jehu Group was established in Ogmore Vale, Bridgend by Jack Jehu in the 1930s, who then handed over the reins to his son Rene and subsequently Rene handed the thriving construction company down to brothers Simon and Marc Jehu. Anne-Marie, Simon’s wife of 18 years, works for the firm and Mel and Marc’s children, Beth 24 and Will 20 are also keeping it in the family as they both work for the firm. Award winning Waterstone Homes was established by Jehu Group in 2003 and builds small collections of luxury homes in choice locations across South Wales and Pembrokeshire. Both brothers’ families have set up home in Waterstone homes and, having been to both homes, it’s easy to see why.

Anne-Marie, 42, has lived in their five bed, three bath, four storey Palace Gardens home in the leafy suburb of Pontcanna for four years. The house is on an exclusive development of only eight homes built on an old bowling green, perfectly situated overlooking Thompsons Park, Cardiff.

Why did you move from the country to the city? We’d lived in Colwinston, Vale of Glamorgan for 11 years, it’s where we raised our children Harri 20, Samson 16 and Sophia 14, we had views across the Bristol Channel, it really was a fabulous home. But Simon and I found ourselves spending much of our time hanging around Cardiff waiting for one of our three children participating in after school activities and we figured it will continue for many years to come, so we bit the bullet and chose a ‘corner plot’ overlooking Thompsons Park.


We’re really happy. We never thought we’d move from the country to the city, but we are loving it. We’ve got uninterrupted park views, so we are very lucky to get to see plenty of greenery. I have to praise Sunrise Interiors too, they are the Interior Designers of choice for Waterstone Homes and as it’s not my forte, they made it really easy for me, giving me plenty of options to choose from for each element.

Triathlons, holidays or wine: If you had to choose to never partake in one of these again, which would it be? Well I’ve managed to merge holidays and triathlons together on occasion, so maybe I could keep all three! I love the camaraderie involved in sport, it’s a big part of our lives. I’m very lucky to have had great family holidays with Simon and the children, the British Virgin Islands is a stand-out favourite, but when we go to Switzerland we get to take our dogs with us, so that’s home away from home. I suppose I’d give up wine, as that’s Simon’s baby, he is quite the connoisseur. Simon would never give up his triathlons though, particularly the Jehu Property Triathlon. We’ve been running it for six years and support different charities every year, this year it’s the Trussell Trust, a poverty charity which runs a network of over 400 foodbanks across the UK.

What’s your favourite room in the house?

If I am allowed to choose my view into the park, I’d choose that as it’s an extension of my home, but I can view it from my interior balcony on the landing

area, overlooking the double height windows and also my roof window in our master bedroom, so by proxy they become my favourite rooms. Me and the dogs are either in the park or sat looking at it.

Mel Jehu, 51, Marc, Beth and Will moved into their Ogmore-by-Sea home in December 2017. The four bed two bath, two cloak, upside-down home is the epitome of open plan living, with living, dining and kitchen areas all leading onto the balcony, overlooking Ogmore beach and across to Weston-super-Mare.

Why did you move from the house that Marc built? It wasn’t an easy decision, because our family home was near perfect, but three things stood out for us in making our decision to purchase our forever home; we’ve always loved Ogmore-by- Sea, we’d always wanted to wake up and see the sea and Marc’s parents had not long ago bought a Waterstone home themselves at The Barns, St Brides Major and seeing that clinched it for us. Even if I say so myself, they are incredibly well built and the spec is tremendous. Our house is pretty much standard spec, I just chose to have less windows and have more kitchen units, because I love cooking and entertaining.

Tell us about your style and your favourite room

It’s this open plan living for sure. It’s surprising that even though it’s really big, each area is defined and the living area still feels quite cosy when we’re sat watching telly. I see this look at the

New Homes Wales and the South West Mel Jehu with her pet dog

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