CLUES ACROSS 7 Climber (4) 8 Annoy (8) 9 What person? (3) 10 Destroy (4) 11 Terra firma (4) 13 Message (6) 14 Consider (6) 15 Usurer (6) 18 African

scavenger (6)

20 Sack (4) 21 Boot (4) 22 Wave to and fro (3)

24 Extra work (8) 25 Not pretty (4)

CLUES DOWN 1 Stringed

instrument (6)

2 Opener (3) 3 Fluid (6) 4 Tassels border (6) 5 Track and field sports (9) 6 Attitude (6) 12 Compulsory (9)

16 Develop (6) 17 Rural (6) 18 Short coat (6) 19) Suitable for cereals (6) 23 Bath (3)


The closing date for St Tydfil Shopping Centre’s Pride of Merthyr photography competition is Friday 31st August, so there’s still time for the local community to submit pictures of their favourite places in the Merthyr area for the chance to win a selection of prizes. This is the third year St Tydfil Shopping Centre has launched the competition and previous entries have showcased Cyfartha Castle and its grounds, Brecon Railway, Cefn Coed Viaduct, and many other fantastic locations. In 2017, a photo taken by Sadie Cook of Pont-y-Cafnau Bridge, the oldest surviving iron bridge in the world, was chosen as the

winner, and in 2016 a picture of Pontsticill Reservoir taken by Darren Edwards was the most popular. From all the entries received, 10 will be chosen to go on display in the centre and uploaded to its Facebook page for the local community to vote for the overall winner. To submit a photograph, simply email it to by Friday 31st August confirming the

location, along with the

photographer’s name, age and contact details. Full competition

Terms and Conditions

are available to read on www.

Horoscope By Quinn ARIES (March 21st to April 19th)

The best advice for you at the moment is, keep at it. Don’t give up no matter how difficult things get, or how tough the going. You really are travelling in the right direction and you really will get there in the end. Expect a small set- back toward next weekend. This was only to be expected and like everything else in your life lately, very much for the best in the long run. The fact that it won’t feel like a good thing when it happens is just one of those annoying aspects of life in general.

TAURUS (April 20th to May 20th) Gone is all the uncertainty you have been suffering lately. You are feeling enthusiastic and ready for anything. Well don’t rush in too fast. Take a little time out to consider each move before you make it, and you won’t put a foot wrong. It is very important that you proceed carefully at the moment because you are laying the foundations for many future activities and relationships that will need careful fostering and development.

GEMINI (May 21st to June 21st) A plain, straightforward time of routine this is. Take everything as it comes, do each job that presents itself and you will end up feeling more than satisfied. Next weekend promises more than a little entertainment, if you bother to accept an invitation. Do try to do so, or you could regret your omission quite a lot. If you are offered an unusual proposition, try to be objective. Don’t expect immediate reward or profit, you won’t get it!

CANCER (June 22nd to July 22nd) Fortune, that fickle aspect of life, is about to smile upon you. Don’t necessarily expect financial gain though. There are many more aspects to good fortune than hard cash. Cash in fact, can be a liability sometimes, which you may well discover. The oncoming of dodgy suroundings may make you feel quite lackadaisical, rather more than is necessary and unless you alter this, you will not be able to get anything done successfully. Better times are certainly on their way!

LEO (July 23rd to August 22nd) Someone close to you needs help and organisation. That they are not inclined to help themselves means that you are going to have to carry a larger part of the burden than is really fair. Never mind, in the circumstances it is the best you can do. You have after all been well looked after by the party concerned for a good many years now, so it is time to give a little back. There may be a document you have misread which could place you in a very vulnerable position, be careful how you deal with it.

VIRGO (August 23rd to September 22nd) If you are still waiting for news from afar, take heart, there is still time. The party concerned really is busily occupied elsewhere. Out of contact does not necessarily mean out of mind. Remember, real affection does not need to be shown all the time to be valid. Be content to trust and wait. Turn your attention meanwhile to the more pressing problems you have of re-location. If you don’t get yourself thoroughly organised, you are going to have an awful lot of last minute problems.

LIBRA (September 23rd to October 23rd) Running around after others is all very well but it doesn’t get your own problems sorted out. The time has come to be just a touch selfish. This is something of a major effort on your part as your natural inclination is to serve others selflessly. Don’t be blackmailed into saying or doing anything you know is wrong for you. You have a good instinct and you must follow it. The feelings of another will be best served in the long run, if you follow this advice.

SCORPIO (October 24th to November 22nd) Rise above any seeming insults you may be offered in the course of your work, or search for work. You are a valuable member of society and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your contribution to your family’s living standards is possibly not so obvious as that of others. It is a valuable one nevertheless. Your ego does actually need a spot of boosting at the moment and if you can run to a little self-directed extravagance, it would do you the world of good.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd to December 21st) There are a couple of weeks ahead of you. You have kept up to date with all those boring old chores, paid all those outstanding bills and dealt all those ‘put aside’ matters. You will feel fresh and able to tackle anything. You will have the boundless energy of all who have a clear conscience. If however, as is more probably the case, you will still have a few unattended-to, bits and pieces lying about that are crying out for attention, your energies will be taken up.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd to January 20th) A thought provoking time. You have been given several indications of intent by a close relative and so far you have tended to ignore all of them. If you want advice, then pay attention, pretty soon. The outcome of ignoring the growing seriousness of this situation could well be painful and distressing to yourself and your family. All the more so if you know that with a little forethought and quick action, you could have prevented all the unpleasantness.

AQUARIUS (January 21st to February 19th) Keep pegging away at the pet project. You have an excellent idea and to exploit it fully you have to work hard on it from a number of different aspects. There are several ways to approach this, many of them are far from direct. You have to use your imagination to a certain extent and this for you is probably the hardest part of the exercise. One of your pet theories is going to be successfully exploited over the next fortnight.

Sadie Cook Pont-y-cafnau bridge Darren Edwards Tower of Ponsticill Reservoir 20 - Friday 24th August 2018 - Cardiff & South Wales Advertiser

PISCES (February 20th to March 20th) A welcome turn of events will probably leave you on top of the world. If you take full advantage of the feeling of complete confidence this gives you, you will find yourself achieving more than you could ever have imagined possible. Place a little extra trust in a close companion. If you don’t start to hand over the reins occasionally, you are going to have far more to do than you can possibly cope with and then everything and everyone is going to suffer.

ACROSS: 7) Vine, 8) Irritate, 9) Who, 10) Ruin, 11) Land, 13) Errand, 14) Esteem, 15) Lender, 18) Jackal, 20) Boot, 21) Sack, 22) Wag, 24) Overtime, 25) Ugly. DOWN: 1) Zither, 2) Key, 3) Liquid, 4) Fringe, 5) Athletics, 6) Stance, 12) Mandatory, 16) Evolve, 17) Rustic, 18) Jacket, 19) Arable, 23) Tub.

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