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High-powered Hilti Hilti has announced

several new cutting and

sawing additions, including more cordless tools on its 22V battery

platform. National Tool Hire Manager (UK), Walid Hussain, says there are now 30 such products

available, enabling hirers to offer a broad palette of equipment for a task together with an optimum number of batteries. The SJD 6-A22 and SJT 6-A22, pictured above, the manufacturer’s

first cordless jigsaws, have a D-shaped loop handle and a ‘T’ grip respectively, the latter being useful for cutting from underneath to avoid surface damage. Hilti says that, as with its other 22V tools, they give the same, or

better, performance than their mains counterparts. Maximum cutting depth is 150mm in wood and 10mm in metal. They have the maker’s AVR (Active Vibration Reduction) system, giving a quoted HAV rating of 4.4m/s2

, and a fast blade stop mechanism is incorporated. The SB 4-A22 cordless bandsaw, seen at the Executive Hire Show

in February, can cut pipes and profiles of up to 63.5mm and offers quiet, cold cutting without sparking. New mains powered products include the DCH 300-X concrete

saw, pictured below, a derivative of the existing DCH 300, which can be used with a water system for up to 30% faster cutting. The blade rotates anti-clockwise to direct debris away from the cut for more efficient operation, and its maximum cutting depth of 120mm enables the tool to cut through standard bricks with a 10mm render. Hilti is also introducing the heavy-duty VC 60 wet/dry dust

extraction unit. Complementing the VC 20 and VC 40, it has twin turbines for greater suction. Like other models, it has a pulse mechanism for automatic filter cleaning, and the increased power means continuous

suction is maintained. The M-Class unit has a 60-litre capacity and can be connected to two tools simultaneously. Walid Hussain believes that innovative products like these create

something of a dilemma for hirers who want to benefit from offering the latest equipment, but who may not have the necessary capital expenditure available. He contends that Hilti’s Fleet Management programme offers a solution, whereby tool costs are covered by a fixed monthly fee that includes maintenance and repair costs.

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the cost effective, safe, reliable solution to cutting metal with power tools

up to 100 x the life of abrasives

reduced cost per cut fewer blade changes no breakage safer to use

constant depth of cut

less dust less sparks less fumes

available in 115, 125, 230 300 & 350mm diameters

for ferrous & non ferrous metals up to 40mm thick

introducing the all new du-mital blade

the diamond blade for metal cutting

See the DU-MITAL blade in the brand new 2018/2019 DURO CATALOGUE containing a comprehensive range of market leading diamond and carbide products to cut, drill, grind and break a vast array of materials.

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