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Precision from A & Y Slimline Volvo mini from SMT

SMT GB, the UK distributor of Volvo Construction Equipment, showed a prototype of the new ultra-short swing radius ECR18E mini excavator, a 1.8-tonne class machine that has the shortest radius in the Volvo range. It has a variable width undercarriage which can retract to less than 1m wide to enter confined areas, expanding to 1.35m for extra stability. A hinged fuel tank is incorporated to provide easy

access to the engine compartment, and the power unit can be fitted with auto-idle and auto engine shutdown. The machine is expected to be available worldwide from the end of 2018.

01223 836636 Atlas Copco’s green machine

As we reported in our April/May issue, Atlas Copco Power Technique aims to triple its revenues from non-polluting drive technology by 2022 and is developing electrically driven equipment to replace diesel machinery, where appropriate. One such product is the E-Air 250 portable compressor which has variable speed drive (VSD) and is designed to give 40% greater flow for the same energy consumption as conventional compressors. The machine weighs less than 750kg,

enabling it to be towed easily to site, and requires reduced maintenance compared against a diesel- powered equivalent, with a footprint half the size.

01442 261201

A & Y Equipment, the UK and Ireland importer of Ammann compaction equipment, showed the ARR 1575 articulated trench roller. Two steering cylinders are incorporated for precise operation, while oscillating articulation joints provide stability on uneven ditch surfaces. The operating weight is 1340kg, or 1450kg with optional drum extensions fitted, with a drum width of 640mm or 850mm The machine, which was being shown for the first time in the UK, incorporates

Ammann’s ‘intelligent’ compaction system, ACEecon. This is designed to eliminate guesswork by measuring compaction progress in real time, with the information communicated to the operator via an LED display on top of the machine to show when the optimum level is reached.

01789 414525

Zappshelter bridges the GAP

This year’s Hillhead was a complete sell-out and, as a last- minute exhibitor, Zappshelter found it difficult to find a stand to promote its system of protective canopies that turn the spaces around site

accommodation units and containers into useful storage spaces. However, a solution came when the company explained its situation on social media and GAP responded by offering it the opportunity to install a shelter around its stand. Zappshelter says that the system has evolved to include Zappblock modular

bunker walls, facilitating installation on other structures, and the company can create bespoke steel frames to suit individual requirements. GAP is one of several hirers that have used the system at their depots to create convenient storage facilities.

0208 0505 121 Topcon shows accuracy

New from Topcon is the RL-H5A rotating laser which supersedes the RL-H4C. The self-levelling construction laser is designed to offer operation over distances of up to 800m and has an IP66 weather protection rating. The instrument has a straightforward

control panel to facilitate manual slope settings. Topcon states that the self- levelling motors are accurate to within 10 arc seconds.

0845 450 4300


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