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Latest products Accuracy from Altrad Belle

Designed for cutting a variety of masonry and construction materials, Altrad Belle’s MS500 bench saw has a metal sliding table fitted with seize-free rollers for accurate operation. It has a hand protector guard with integrated handles on the table, and the company says that securing the table to the machine prevents it being lost on site or in transit. The machine has

integrated wheels and fold- away transportation handles,

along with fork-lift truck points and lifting eyes. The cutting head and blade guard can be raised or lowered by hand or foot, and abrasive or diamond blades of up

to 500mm diameter can be fitted to the unit, which is available in petrol or 110V and 240V electric options.

01298 84606 Sixty years of Husqvarna cutting

Husqvarna states that a lot has changed since 1958 when Evald Carlsson of Partner (which eventually became part of the group) invented the first power cutter, modifying a chainsaw by replacing the chain with a cutting disc and a drive belt. The latest

Husqvarna addition is the K 770, designed for greater precision and cutting force, and it incorporates vibration damped handles to reduce HAV. The manufacturer

has also introduced ‘S series’ blades for hand-held machines. These incorporate

application markers to inform the user that the right blade is being used for the task, while wear indicators provide information on the blade’s wear and side clearance to reduce the risk of pinching or kick-back.

0344 844 4569 36 Duro for metal

New from DURO UK is the Mital blade, designed for cost- effectively cutting metal with power tools. The company says that the vacuum-brazed product contains a coated diamond grit to enable use on a wide range of metals. Targeted at ferrous and non-ferrous materials up to 40mm

thick, the blade is said to offer up to 100 times the life of a standard abrasive, giving a reduced cost per cut, fewer blade changes, no dust residue and greater precision. It is available in 115mm, 125mm, 230mm, 300mm and 350mm diameters.

01909 552470

Stihl’s quick braking

Stihl’s TS 440 cut-off saw incorporates a QuickStop brake system designed to stop the machine in a fraction of a second if kickback occurs. The guard can be adjusted to facilitate operation in awkward locations such as the bottom of walls, corners, and the underside of in-ground pipes. The tool has two-stage belt drive for greater torque at the

wheel, and incorporates an easy-start mechanism, electronic water control and an anti-vibration system.

01276 20202

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